Kemp offers a $ 5,000 salary increase as employee turnover hits record highs

Governor Brian Kemp wants to offer full-time state government employees $ 5,000 wage bumps and other perks to boost the workforce experiencing record turnover rates. ..

Important reason: Long before the mass layoffs, state employees were fleeing their jobs, hampering the Georgian government’s ability to serve its people.

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detail: In a letter sent to the head of the state government on Friday, Kemp said he was offering $ 5,000 wage bumps to “full-time eligible benefits” employees.

  • Faced with a major challenge from former US Senator David Perdue, the governor wants to make a permanent $ 5,000 living adjustment. This is the first increase in 14 years and will increase the state’s maximum 401k match from three. % To 9%.

  • In addition, employees are eligible to withdraw up to 40 hours of annual salary. This also protects the agency from unexpected labor costs when an employee leaves the company.

With numbers: Millennials (listed in the DOAS report as workers born between 1981 and 1997) and GenZ (born after 1998) are “quickly and in significant numbers” of state employment, according to the DOAS report. Away from. [fiscal year 2021] The turnover rate was 25.7% for millennials and 76.4% for GenZ. “

  • Until six years ago, the report was able to keep filling jobs when people left. (The data does not include the Georgia World Congress Center, the Board of Directors, and higher education.) Today, Georgia’s state staff is less than it was about 14 years ago.

Turnover creates “unplanned loss of productivity, increased staff burden, recruitment costs, training costs, and service delivery challenges due to organizational morale impact.”

Catch up quickly: In the letter, Kemp praised officials and their employees for “leadership, dedication, and resilience” during the pandemic and for years of effort to keep their institutions slim.

  • State revenues are currently about $ 1 billion more than state legislators predict APs ReportIn the year of the election, leaving cash to Kemp and budgeters.

Earlier this week, Kemp suggestion The teacher’s salary increase is $ 2,000.

What they are saying: In a pre-session briefing with reporters Thursday, Speaker of the House David Ralston said prosecutors and judges left behind by the recent rise in wages also want another salary increase.

  • “I’m trying to count the number of groups that have promised a salary increase,” said Ralston, one of the state officials considering Kemp’s proposal. “The list gets longer every day. We know we’re on a pretty good budget, but at some point we’ll run out before we reach everyone.”

One group that Ralston quickly defends for salary increases: “Trench Workers” in the State Accountability Court.

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