Ken Watanabe responds to “white savior” criticism of Tom Cruise’s role in The Last Samurai

The 2003 movie The Last Samurai was previously accused of perpetuating the metaphor of “The White Savior,” but its star Ken Watanabe recently said he didn’t see it that way. I made it clear.

“The Last Samurai” was hired to train the Japanese in modern warfare, following the achievements of a US military officer played by Tom Cruise. As a result, he comes into direct contact with Katsumoto, the leader of the samurai played by Watanabe.

When the movie was first released in theaters, it was criticized for portraying the main character of the movie played by Tom Cruise as a “white savior” who saves non-white characters from a dominant bargaining position.

Watanabe recently looked back in an interview about film repulsion and heritage. Parents..

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Mr. Watanabe said, “I didn’t think about that.” “I thought I had the opportunity to draw Japan in a way I had never seen before. That’s why I thought we were making something special. “

Japanese actors also emphasized the role of the film in changing the story of Asian portrayals in the film by breaking the stereotypes set by performances such as: Depiction of Mickey Rooney The work of Mr. Yunioshi in the 1961 classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

“Before the’last samurai’, there was an Asian stereotype with glasses, bent teeth, and a camera,” continued Watanabe. “It was stupid, but then [‘The Last Samurai’] When it comes to Asian stories, Hollywood tried to make it more authentic. “

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After appearing in “The Last Samurai”, he has been active in blockbuster works such as “Batman Begins” and “Inception”. She plays the leading role in the HBO-max crime drama series. “Tokyo Vice.”

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