Kendale’s man who stabbed his wife and killed his father-in-law with a bat and executed

A former Kendale man sentenced to death on Wednesday is scheduled to be executed after a 15-month stay for a coronavirus pandemic.

John Hummel, 45, stabbed his wife and beat his father-in-law with a baseball bat before burning his parents’ home in 2009. He was also accused of the death of his five-year-old daughter, but was convicted of the murder of his wife and father-in-law. The Texas Criminal Appeals Court in March 2020 told him Amnesty connected to COVID-19..

At the trial, Tarrant County prosecutors Miles Bresset and Bob Gil alleged that Hummel had killed his relatives in pursuit of a romantic relationship with a woman he met at a convenience store. Hummel hit her pregnant wife with a baseball bat and then stabbed her with a samurai sword and a medieval dagger.

Hummel will be the second person Execution in Texas this year. The first Quintin Jones was also convicted in Tarrant County. Jones beat his great aunt with her baseball bat after an elusive search in her purse in Fort Worth’s house.

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