Kenny is more confident in his leadership after the Unified Conservatives meeting

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny says he is more confident in his leadership than he felt “for a very long time” after the three-day annual meeting of the US Conservative Party.

Faced with caucuses, caucuses and growing dissatisfaction with the general public, the prime minister told reporters on Sunday that the weekend event far exceeded his highest expectations.

Kenny says he met with hundreds of representatives from all over Alberta and only one said anything negative about the promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Prime Minister said the hall of the Calgary conference center had a positive spirit and attendees focused on the state’s economic development.

There was calm tension during the annual meeting with supporters and critics of Kenny’s leaders doing the round in the lobby of the event center.

Kenny says there was an internal division on how the government should deal with the COVID-19 crisis, which was the focus of Saturday’s keynote, but members are accepting his explanation of anti-pandemic measures.

A leadership review is scheduled for April next year, but may come sooner as 22 constituency associations have signed a letter requesting pre-voting from party leaders.

“If the conservatives unite, we win. If the conservatives split, we lose. It’s very easy,” Kenny said.

“After all, what we have seen here is the understanding that we must unite and cooperate in diversity and focus on Albertin’s priorities rather than internal political differences. I think.”

The 22 Member Associations, which sought pre-voting on Kenny’s leadership, represent a quarter of UCP members and are sufficient to initiate a quick review under the bylaws. On Friday, the motion to change the rules by raising the standard to 29 member associations was rejected because it failed to meet the required 75% or more of the votes.

Kenny said he welcomed next year’s review.

“It’s normal to get a leadership review. I accept it. And frankly, after having the opportunity to meet the grassroots members in person, than I’ve had for a very long time. I can say I am confident in my leadership today, “he said on Sunday.

“I don’t think you’ll be attending a party convention where 100% of people agree 100%, including leadership. That’s not our expectation. But what happened here is my best. It was far beyond expectations. “

Party funding has fallen behind NDP, and Kenny’s popularity polls have plummeted in recent months, raising concerns about whether the party can win the 2023 spring elections with him as the leader. ing.

Kenny said in a speech Saturday that he did not regret the government’s pandemic measures that caused anger because it was needed to protect Alberta’s health care system on the verge of collapse.

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