Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers was fined for circumventing house security

Congressman Hal Rogers is facing a $ 5,000 fine for failing to submit to security screening before entering the US House of Representatives floor earlier this month.

The House Ethics Commission has imposed penalties after 21st-term Republicans were allegedly not following police officers’ demands on mobile devices after starting the magnetometer on April 14.

According to a memo submitted to the commission by an anonymous sergeant, Rogers replied, “Maybe later, I have to vote,” after police officers told Rogers that they needed to “waving their hands.” ..

“Person in charge. Rogers came back after the vote and asked what he needed to do now,” the note said. “Executives have informed members that all screenings must be completed before entering the Chamber of Commerce.”

Rogers said in a statement that he would complain of what he described as a “simple misunderstanding.”

“On April 14, 2021, there was a simple misunderstanding on the house floor after I passed through a metal detector and voted. I appealed to the House Ethics Committee and asked for an opportunity to explain the facts. “The state of Kentucky said.

Following an attack on the US Capitol on January 6, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ordered a metal detector installed outside the floor of the House of Representatives to enhance security. The new rules require all members and staff to pass through them. Some Republicans have accused them of infringing on the rights of the Second Amendment.

Rogers is the third house member to be sanctioned. Previously, Texas Republicans Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde faced similar fines. Their appeal was dismissed.

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