Kentucky mother charged with the death of her 10-year-old son

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Iconic radio host Delilah talks about the tragic loss of her three sons

Anyone who has listened to Delilah Rene’s radio show in the decades she’s been on, she supports her when she’s struggling or wants to celebrate the love of life Know to provide, give advice, and play songs to callers. But what you may not know is that Rene faces many tragedy on her own. In seven years, Delilah Rene lost her three sons, a radio host revealed in a new interview. “We have buried three sons since 2012,” Rene shared on the People Every Day podcast. “When I lose my child, I don’t think it will last long without a coping mechanism.” See what Rene said about how to deal with it and read to learn more about her life as a mother. .. For 15 children. And as another story of the mother who lost her child, Vanessa Bryant shares a moving letter about the anniversary of Janna’s death. Rene has lost three children: Sammy, Zakaria, and Ryan. Rene has 15 children. Three are biological and the rest are adopted. Her son Sammy died in 2012 at the age of 16 after complications from sickle cell anemia. Then, in 2017, his son Zakaria committed suicide at the age of 18. In 2019, stepchild Ryan died. Some advice on the future helped her manage her grief. In an interview with People Everyday, Rene said she was advised by country singer Rory Feek, who lost her wife Joey Feek to cancer in 2016. [Feek] “I contacted me and told me he changed something for me,” Rene said in a podcast. The radio host said he was upset at first because he didn’t understand what Feek meant, but explained that knowing where his son was was a relief. Rene remembered what Feek had told her. “So now you are looking forward to the day with great expectations. You will never be afraid of death.” “It all reconstructs that little conversation and gives me hope and fun. “Rene said. As a mom, as a broadcaster, as a friend. So I had to keep moving forward. Delilah also shared that she went to a grief counselor. It was “probably the best. [she] For [herself]She also writes about loss in her memoirs. Rene spoke openly about the loss of children in the past, including the 2018 book One Heart at a Time. In the year of publication, the organizer went to the parade and the book was a “catharsis” experience for her after losing her two sons. “I was very healed,” she said. All you have to do is write. Take it out of your head and write it down to clean the wound. It helps keep the pain from being trapped and eating you up. Sign up for our daily newsletter for celebrity news delivered directly to your inbox. Rene keeps her son’s spirit alive in a large family. Rene Her fourth husband, Paul Warner, has been married since 2012. In an interview with People in 2018, she said their relationship at the time was unconventional and they lived six hours apart for work. Herself, Warner also had five adult children when they gathered. “He was raising a child when we met, but he loves my child very much and is very supportive,” Delilah told People. I have been a single parent for many years and am raising my child. That is one of my passions. And while that’s not necessarily his passion, he never stopped me or discouraged me. “If they aren’t forever, they’re just in another room,” she said. “From small children to my adult children, we all talk and refer to Zack and Sammy as if they were in another room, not as if they were in another room. They refer to me. I’m away from us. “