Kentucky representatives complain about wearing “stupid masks” during house meetings

The House Judiciary Committee’s Wednesday meeting was aimed at marking up legislative and amendment, but one of the Kentucky General Assembly members Take advantage of the opportunity He criticizes wearing a “stupid mask” while doing house business.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, who represents northern Kentucky, said Wednesday morning that fully vaccinated people could gather indoors without masks or social distance. He accused him of wearing a mask in an attempt to submit it to the record. Control and prevention.

Not everyone who attended the House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday was completely vaccinated. Massy admitted, despite his opposition to wearing a mask.

“What’s the message we’re trying to send to Americans wearing these stupid masks? By the way, because everything in Congress cut the line (to get vaccinated),” said Massy. Said. “Not everyone here is vaccinated. That’s true.”

New York’s leading Democrat and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, cut off Massy because he wasn’t talking about the bill at hand. The Commission was discussing the NOBAN Act, a law aimed at limiting the president’s ability to suspend or limit foreigners’ entry into the United States.

Massy and Nadler began exchanging words about the purpose of the mask.

“I’m asking why you should wear a mask when the CDC says you don’t need to wear one,” said Massy.

“As you know, no one in this room has been vaccinated,” Nadler replied.

The committee leaders tried to move on, but Massy continued. He said there was peer-reviewed science showing that innate immunity from recovery from COVID-19 was “or stronger” than the immunity provided by the vaccine. Massy said everyone in the room on Wednesday had been vaccinated or had previously been infected.

“These are ridiculous theaters,” said Massy, ​​pointing to his mask while Nadler continued to try to bring the committee back on the topic. “And that’s an important reason, because people who believe they must wear a mask after vaccination are not vaccinated.”

Massy also complained about the social distance at the house meeting, despite sitting side by side on the plane while traveling to and from Washington, DC.

Massy had previously stated that he had been infected with COVID-19. Positive antibody test..

Medical experts have concluded that recovery from COVID-19 gives someone innate immunity.But that is unknown How long the immunity lasts..And of the CDC Guidance on what vaccinated people can doWe do not recommend the same activity to unvaccinated but recovered people, as Massy mentioned in his statement.

For months, Massy has been critical of health professionals and mask-wearing guidance.he Recently signed the “Fauci Act” A bill to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary. Fauci is one of the top infectious disease specialists in the United States.

The bill was written and introduced by Marjorie Taylor Greene, a new Republican from Georgia who is widely regarded as a far-right conspiracy theorist.She previously Promoted QAnon Conspiracy Other unfounded theories about social media, according to the New York Times.

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