Kenyan wildlife authorities capture lions in residential areas outside the capital

Nairobi-Kenya’s wildlife authorities said Wednesday that they had caught a lion wandering into a residential area in a town south of the capital Nairobi.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said the public warned of the presence of lions in the morning and urged authorities to send rangers and veterinarians to the scene.

“This morning, a sub-adult male lion was found between a concrete wall and an iron plate in the Ongatalongai district,” the Kenya Wildlife Service said in a Twitter account.

“The lion was successfully darted, stuck and safely transferred to the (KWS) veterinary facility for observational coloring before being returned to the park.”

A video posted on KWS’s Twitter account showed that the employee was wrapping a quiet lion in a canvas sheet and loading it into a vehicle to move out of a residential area.

Human settlements have long invaded Nairobi National Park, Africa’s only animal sanctuary in the capital.

As the town grows around the park, the park is surrounded by three sides.

Outside the unfenced south side, there is a preferred shelter for breeding lions. Animals often pass by and go to larger parks over there.

About 2,000 lions remain throughout Kenya.

Conservationists say new roads and railroads through the park have influenced animal behavior, leading larger cats to flee in search of quieter hunting grounds.

George Obruza

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