Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband wears socks featuring the president and founding father at her confirmation hearing

Left: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and her husband Dr. Patrick Jackson. Right: Patrick Jackson's socks with John F. Kennedy's face.

Dr. Patrick Jackson, the husband of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, wore socks in a statement at her confirmation hearing.Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images; Drew Angeler / Getty Images

  • President Joe Biden has appointed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

  • Jackson’s husband wore socks with the president and his founding father at her confirmation hearing.

  • Stylist Lauren Rothman said his socks showed “a husband who supports his style of bending muscles.”

Referee Ketangi Brown JacksonSupreme Court confirmation hearing The tense moment of the question Even if Powerful statement About the historical nature of her nomination. Once confirmed, she will be the first black woman to serve in the National Supreme Court.

Jackson’s husband, Dr. Patrick Jackson, sat behind her and wiped her tears when she spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee within her. Opening statement “This wouldn’t have been possible without him on my side from the beginning of this incredible professional journey.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband wiped tears at a confirmation hearing

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband wipes away tears during a confirmation hearing while her daughter is watching.Andrew Harnick / AP

Jackson’s husband has also been seen wearing socks in a statement similar to the former president and founding father during a week-long hearing.

On Monday, he wore blue socks featuring the face of President George Washington.

Dr. Patrick Jackson, the husband of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, is wearing blue socks with George Washington.Face them

Dr. Patrick Jackson wears blue socks featuring President George Washington on the first day of the confirmation hearing.Jacklin Martin / AP

On Tuesday, he wore green socks that resembled his founding father Benjamin Franklin.

Dr. Patrick Jackson, husband of Ketanji Brown Jackson, wears green socks similar to Benjamin Franklin.

Dr. Patrick Jackson wears green socks featuring Benjamin Franklin on the second day of the confirmation hearing.Andrew Harnick / AP

Wednesday’s socks paid tribute to President John F. Kennedy.

Dr. Patrick Jackson, the husband of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, wears pink socks similar to John F. Kennedy's confirmatory hearing.

Dr. Patrick Jackson wears pink socks featuring President John F. Kennedy on the third day of the confirmation hearing.Drew Angeler / Getty Images

Lauren RothmanCorporate and political fashion stylist and author “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work” He told insiders that Jackson’s socks represent “a husband who supports his style of bending muscles.”

“Especially in Washington, where style is less worn on the sleeves, these little opportunities and different touches often used by political people and those married to politics to become conversations to signal their support. There is a starter. ” “So I love him doing it. I think it was incredibly fun. It supported his wife and the process, nodding history and what history she is making. Someday. She will wear socks. “”

Senate Democratic leaders Move quickly To advance Jackson’s nomination. He just needs a simple majority vote to be confirmed in court. If Republicans do not support Jackson, all 50 Democrats must be present so that Vice President Kamala Harris can vote for a tiebreaker.

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