Kevin McCarthy said he would jump into the tide of Marjorie Taylor Greene and showcase his own determination to blame Maxine Waters for her “dangerous comments.”

Kevin McCarthy, Leader of the US House of Representatives Minority Party

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the US House of Representatives minority, will introduce his own resolution to blame Maxine Waters for her comments to protesters at the Brooklyn Center in Minnesota. Alex Won / Getty Images

  • House minority leader Kevin McCarthy will introduce his own resolution to blame Maxine Waters.

  • McCarthy announced his decision after Marjorie Taylor Greene said he wanted to “exile” Waters as “inciting the terrorist attacks on Black Lives Matter.”

  • Waters claimed she did not encourage violence when talking to protesters near the Brooklyn Center in Minneapolis.

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Congressional minority leader Kevin McCarthy himself jumps into Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bandwagon and accuses Maxine Waters of what he calls “dangerous comments.” Will introduce a resolution of.

McCarthy said he wanted to expel Waters after Green’s comments on Minnesota protesters were talked about on Twitter, saying Green “incited violent riots and Black Lives Matter terrorism.” I made this announcement.

“In Minnesota this weekend, Maxine Waters violated the curfew and then instigated violence to break the law. Chairman Pelosi is ignoring Waters’ actions. That’s why Congressman Waters is in danger of these. We have introduced a resolution condemning the comments, “McCarthy wrote. Tweet Posted on Monday night.

by Hill, McCarthy can force a procedural vote on this issue, which will force Congressmen to participate in the Waters roll call vote.

Waters Speak on saturday A case that happened just 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin’s famous murder trial was underway for people protesting a 20-year-old Dantelite police shooting at a Brooklyn Center transport stop.

According to the video posted on twitter, Waters said she and the crowd were “looking for a conviction” for Chauvin.

“We have to stay on the street and demand justice,” she said. “I’m hoping for a verdict of’guilty, guilty, guilty’, otherwise I can’t leave. I need more conflict,” he said.

Parliamentarians including Green Ted CruzWaters immediately accused Agitation violence.

“Rep Waters are dangerous to our society,” Greene said. TweetWaters claims that he “traveled across state borders to incite riots.”

green She said she made progress by submitting a resolution on Monday “Exile” Waters from Congress to “incite years of violence.”

Waters denied that what she said to the protesters promoted violence In an interview with Griot on Monday.

“I’m talking about confronting the judicial system, confronting the police in progress, I’m talking about speaking,” Waters said.

“I’m not worried that they will continue to distort what I say. This is their appearance, this is their behavior, and I will not be bullied by them,” Waters told Republicans. Mentioned and said. Colleague.

Nancy Pelosi speaker favors Waters and she No need to apologize for her remarksShe added that she did not believe that Waters’ remarks caused violence.

“Maxin talked about the conflict in the way of the civil rights movement. I think I should take the initiative from the George Floyd family. They treat this with great dignity and there is no ambiguity or lack. -Misunderstanding by the other side. No, I don’t think she should apologize. ” I told a reporter at Capitol Hill..

However, the comments made by Waters may have influenced the Chauvin murder trial. Chauvin’s lawyer called for a fraudulent trial, citing Waters’ words..

Judge Peter Carhill Denied the motionHowever, she slammed Waters’ comments and accused her of commenting on the trial while the trial was still underway.

“I want to tell you that Congressman Waters may have given you an appeal that could overturn the entire proceeding,” Cayhill said Monday.

It should be noted that McCarthyism did not punish Alabama Legislature Mo Brooks for his fierce remarks at the January 6 “Stop Stealing” rally in Washington, DC.

Lawmakers demanded that Brooks be accused or removed from the committee on which he was sitting. After he was seen Tell a crowd of protesters in MAGA that they are “American patriots” And in “Battle for America”, “take a name and start kicking your ass”.

A resolution of condemnation was later submitted to Brooks By House Democrat..

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