Kevin Spacey “violently denies” sexual charges in UK first appearance


A London court said Thursday that Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey had “violently denied” allegations of sexually assaulting three men.

Spacey, 62, did not file a formal plea for the indictment, but his lawyer, Patrick Gibbs (QC), told the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster: Spacey violently denies all crimes in this case. He needs to answer these accusations in order to advance his life. “

He has been accused of four counts of sexual assault and one count of engaging a person in permeable sexual activity without consent.

Spacey, who won two Oscars for “American Beauty” and “Usual Suspects,” was told by a judge that she was free to return to the United States until trial.

Spacey, artistic director of the Oldvic Theater in London at the time of the alleged crime, was given unconditional bail by Deputy Chief Judge Tan Ikram and will then appear in Southwark’s Crown Court on July 14. ..

The accusations against him are as follows:

  • Sexual assault on a man in his 40s in London in March 2005.
  • The same man was sexually assaulted in London in March 2005.
  • Sexual assault on a man in his thirties in London in August 2008.
  • Sexual assault on another man in his thirties in Gloucestershire in April 2013.
  • Have a person engage in penetrating sexual activity without consent in connection with the third petitioner in London in August 2008.

Spacey currently lives in the United States, and courts have heard that he needs to be there to audition for work, and he also had a pet dog there.

Spacey did not comment on journalists and photographers waiting outside the courtroom, and once inside, gave him his UK address as an apartment in the Waterloo region of London.

Prosecutor Natalie Dawson did not provide details of the allegations approved by the public prosecutor’s office last month.

The judge told Spacey, “You are said to be cooperating with New York authorities and have voluntarily attended these proceedings here today.”

After he was charged last month, Spacey issued a statement to “Good Morning America.” These accusations I’m convinced will prove my innocence. “

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Chris Summers


Chris Summers is a UK-based journalist with a particular interest in crime, police and law, covering stories from a wide range of countries.