KFC employees save the day after the kidnapped woman left a note for help

According to court records, KFC employees saved the day on the weekend after calling police when the woman left a note begging for help.

23-year-old Diego Glay has been charged with kidnapping and avoiding arrest on suspicion of unintentionally detaining a woman.

On May 15, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) answered the kidnapping / kidnapping call at 6200 blocks on Winchester Road shortly after 5 pm.

According to the affidavit, a KFC employee left a note begging for help from a woman and explained the woman and the man.

Officers were able to contact Diego Gray and a woman who matched the description of a KFC employee.

According to records, Gray refused to obey the officer’s orders and began running.

After a short leg chase, the suspect was arrested.

Victims tell police that Gray was detaining her against her will for physical attacks, intimidation, and arming with pistols. The victim said she had a relationship with Gray.

She also told officers that the suspect had hit her face and was physically abusive, and when she tried to leave, she told police that he picked up her phone for days at a time. I read the affidavit that I kept my sight.

According to officials, the suspect said he and the victim lived in cheap, random hotels in the city.

Gray is due to appear in court on May 17, and his deposit has been set at $ 35,000.

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