Kick-off American Airlines Business Class by Passengers Wearing “Inappropriate” Trousers

How can I know if wearing certain clothes is appropriate for boarding an airline’s business class? A South Korea The DJ learned this lesson in a difficult way.According to an article published by the Australian website DmargeDJ Hwang So-hee, known as DeeJay Soda, launched American Airlines business class flights by wearing trousers that airline staff deemed inappropriate. She also claims that she was threatened to take them off in public. The artist has returned from JFK to LAX on American Airlines.

The incident happened because she wore trousers engraved with “F * ck you” throughout her clothes. The pants were designed by an artist-sponsored brand.

“I was kicked out of the plane and harassed to take off my pants in front of the gate’s flight crew. I’ve never had a problem wearing these pants on a months-long tour in North America. No. I had no problems at check-in or sitting in my seat, “Dee Jay Soda said on Instagram. account.. She has over 4.3 million followers.

DeeJay Soda revealed that he boarded the plane without any problems at first and was very welcomed by American Airlines’ business class crew. She said she was drinking in the airline’s business class when she suddenly approached the staff after boarding the plane and got off the plane with her belongings without any explanation. “When I was escorted from the plane, they claimed that my sweatpants were’inappropriate’and’aggressive’ and told me I needed to take the next flight,” she commented. bottom.

Soda added that an important meeting was held in LA that day and he had no choice but to fly to LA on AA flights. “I begged to stay on the plane, but it was ignored by the staff and flight attendants. I also offered the change, but the request was rejected. What happened next was horrifying. “

She then decided to take off her pants in order to comply with the requirements of AA staff and re-board the plane.

“I stood half-naked with my pants off in front of all the crew because my fingers broke, but they still refused to board the plane. They may have been able to take off my pants earlier. Ironically, when I finally entered the room, I turned over my pants, took a seat one hour later, and caused inconvenience to the members on the plane. On the plane back to LA, the next 6 hours I was indignant and trembling in fear. “
She added: “I haven’t been treated unfairly on my eight-year tour, especially in a country known for its freedom of speech and personality.”