Kidwell’s Freedom Caucus wants to limit the freedom currently enjoyed by North Carolina voters.

Freedom Caucus?

NCGOP’s ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus Congressman Keith KidwellIs in the news because of the desire to audit voting machines. The Freedom Caucus name deliberately confuses carelessness about its purpose, and they are not about “freedom.”

We are already enjoying a great deal of freedom in this country. However, some election results do not please the ultra-conservatives, and some states have proposed and enacted changes in voting legislation that reduce the freedom to participate in many elections.

Ultra-conservative authoritarian leaders have come to power in Hungary, Poland, Iran and Turkey. They settled themselves in the office by managing the election process to ensure that they were not voted. That’s all about the “freedom” of the people of those countries.

Maintaining the freedom we are enjoying now will be strengthened by denying sovereignty over the (anti) Freedom Caucus super-conservatives and their cohorts.

Thomas McKee, Cary

NCGOP Caucus

N & O reports of Senator Phil Berger and other Republicans attempting to shatter the teachings of critical racial theory in the North Carolina General Assembly omit an important context.So this is the same Republican caucuse Adopt voter ID method And parliamentary district Federal courts were deliberately found to be racists.

This is where NC Republicans come from racial issues. It must be part of all reports of legislation that may affect blacks and other minorities.

Christopher E. Nelson, Clayton

Prohibition of CRT

“Will a North Carolina school banning critical racing theory lead to a teacher’s” witch hunt “? “(((July 17):

“There is no need for dictatorship training or moral or social theory taught to children,” Dale Lands, co-founder of the Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government, told the Johnston County Board of Education.

Hmm. So should health and sex education classes be abolished? All fact-based history courses? Finance course? Citizen? How about literature and media studies? Wait and don’t forget all the courses taught by feminists. They are a wealth of sources for bans.

Senator Joe McCarthy tried the last century, followed by Demagogue politicians, religious fanatics, right-wing media, and today’s religious leaders. Hey, it works in Afghanistan!

Karen Wiebe, Raleigh

UNC Governance

Article “New leaders will focus on the future of NC higher education” (July 19It gives credibility to the old saying that you are someone you know, not what you know. Calling a more recent tagline and “draining the swamp” of the good old boy system that governs our university is a long time ago.

Raleigh’s Robert Grove

Hasman is right

Walter Hasman Jr. “Statement of core value” In the news and observers on July 16th, I believe it should be the “ethical code” of all journalism. I am an elderly person and a former military officer who has been active in Japan for 33 years.I Absent Journalist, lawyer, or politician. I have a graduate degree, but not from UNC. I was born and raised in tar heels. I am appalled that some journalism teachers are against this treatise by Hasman. My one-sided suggestion to UNC Journalism School is that your teacher is in desperate need of cleaning your home.

Robert H. Edens, Sanford

Waste of money

“NC has announced the second $ 1 million winner of another vaccine lottery” (July 16) And related articles:

North Carolina has awarded a lucky citizen who has been vaccinated with the COVID Vaccine a second $ 1 million lottery award.

To date, this state-provided healthy carrot does not appear to have significantly increased new immunizations.

Perhaps the governor should have offered the same sum of prizes to a wider population. To Wit: Lower the dollar prize from $ 50,000 to 20 people. $ 25,000 to 40 people; or $ 10,000 to 100 people. It seems much fairer to everyone who has been vaccinated.

Alternatively, the governor should have considered the entire lottery proposal to be a bad idea, not producing the desired results, and a waste of state money.

Franklin Smith, Raleigh

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