Kim Jong Un likens North Korea’s economic problems to the devastating famine of the 1990s

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un compared his country’s economic struggle with the devastating famine of the 1990s, which killed hundreds of thousands of people.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that while talking to a subordinate member of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Mr Kim said, “There are many obstacles and difficulties in front of us.” March to free our people from any difficulties. Earlier in the week, he told party members that the country was facing its “worst situation in history.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program, Kim faces his most difficult challenges as a leader. Foreign expert said Associated Press. China is North Korea’s largest trading partner, but its partnership is dysfunctional as its borders are closed due to a pandemic. Kim told party officials in January that the country needs to rely on domestic manufacturing rather than imports.

Food is needed in North Korea, but surveillance groups said AP There are no signs of heavy hunger. Behind the famine in the 1990s were several driving forces, including natural disasters, mismanagement, and the loss of aid from the Soviet Union, experts said. AP Another famine is unlikely to occur today, as China will provide assistance first to prevent North Korean refugees from entering the country.

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