Kim Jong Un says climate change is ruining North Korea and the country needs an “urgent” response


Kim Jong-un

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un talks in a photo released by the Korean Central News Agency at a meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea KCNA / Reuters

  • Kim Jong Un pointed out the “abnormal climate” as the reason for the crisis in North Korea.

  • The country was upset by repeated floods, food crises, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Kim said the “disastrous weather” is getting worse all over the world and North Korea must protect itself.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un blames climate change as one of the reasons for the North Korean food crisis and the floods that struck the North-East region.

He urged authorities to enact an “urgent” response to the numerous disasters his administration is facing at the Politburo meeting. National media KCNA on Thursday.

Kim then emphasized the need to improve North Korea’s land management. Flood destroyed bridges and houses Last month on the east coast of the country.

He said the “dangers” of “abnormal climate” have increased in the last few years. As part of the country’s usual five-year plan, Kim launched an “aggressive and ambitious plan” aimed at improving rivers, managing sabo, maintaining embankments, and launching tidal embankment projects. I added that I wanted it.

He added that “disastrous weather is becoming more and more prominent around the world,” according to the KCNA, and that North Korea will be vulnerable to change.

North Korea also suffered a serious food crisis that Kim himself admitted. “tense.” The country’s food supply was lost due to last year’s typhoons and the irregular weather of alternating monsoon rains and droughts. Reuters reported.

According to the National Intelligence Service in Seoul Authoritarian governments have begun to distribute military grain stockpiles to maintain the population.

Kim himself Known to be cool, Reportedly Weight loss, Which state media said North Koreans have “broken heart”. A photo shown in a tweet by Seoul-based North Korean news and analysis site NK News showed that Kim looked much thinner than before.

At a Politburo meeting on Thursday, he told authorities to “fully mobilize the workforce” for harvesting, threshing, and food transport, hoping to increase the country’s grain supply.

In addition, Kim expressed concern about the COVID-19 pandemic. It “keeps the spiral out of control” and says it now needs stricter restrictions. North Korea has strengthened its borders with strict measures since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. Deploy mines and order them to shoot and kill at illegal intersections.

North Korea regularly says it is not infected with the virus Reject millions of Sinovac Biotech vaccines He said he needed more other countries. Experts were very skeptical of the claim.Meanwhile, Kim tore to some of his executives in late June An unspecified “big” pandemic crisis.

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