Kimberly Gilfoil’s meeting with the Commission on January 6 does not go well

A tense conflict between House Select committees investigating January 6 Assault on US Capitol Kimberly Gilfoil unfolded personally on Friday morning, and Gilfoil and her lawyer abruptly ended a conversation with the Commission on concerns about its basic rules, according to four people familiar with the exchange. Gilfoil, a longtime adviser to former President Donald Trump, was to effectively meet with the Commission on February 25, after discussions between the Commission and her lawyer. She is engaged to Gilfoil, the eldest son of the former president, Donald Trump Jr., and she is one of the Trump family’s most famous best friends to meet with the Commission. She also spoke at an elliptical rally near the White House on January 6, 2021, behind the scenes with the Trumps and government officials that day. The four, familiar with the Friday exchange, requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the deliberations. But when Gilfoil appeared at the virtual meeting on Friday, she and her lawyers were on the phone, including members of the Commission, including Congressman Adam Schiff in California and Jamie Raskin in Maryland. They said they were immediately worried when they saw it out. .. Gilfoil asked why members answered the phone, as well as lawyers and committee staff. “Kim barked and said this wasn’t my understanding,” said one. A second person described her as “indignated” because she believed that the conversation would be more informative than a formal testimony. “This isn’t my understanding,” Gilfoil told the committee, and then people said she would stop talking until her lawyer had further discussions with the committee about the format.

In a statement, Commission spokesman Tim Mulvey confirmed that Guilfoyle would not cooperate with the Commission and suggested that he face a subpoena. The Commission wanted her to do, as did dozens of other Witnesses. Participate in voluntary transcribed interviews with staff and committee members.

Gilfoil said they agreed to the conversation on Friday, knowing that a subpoena could be issued if they weren’t involved in the committee.

When asked for comment by CBS News, Guilfoyle’s lawyer Joseph Tacopina issued a statement accusing the Commission of leaking exchange details. “Mr. Gilfoil, who is under threat from the subpoena, has agreed to meet exclusively with the advisors of the Special Committee in good faith efforts to provide true and relevant evidence,” the statement said. “But when Gilfoil attended, the committee revealed that it was unreliable because of an information leak that revealed infamous members. Later, a lawyer temporarily suspended the meeting to address the issue, but the committee members. Concerns about the existence of members of the committee were confirmed. As chairman, within two minutes the committee leaked news of the break to the media. [Bennie] Thompson did it just a month ago when he revealed to the press that the client’s phone record had been secretly summoned. The statement believed that when Gilfoil’s lawyer contacted the Commission on the story, he claimed that “they were also shocked and stunned.” The story was based on a politically motivated “leak.” “It’s now clear enough to us that their only real interest was to sandbag clients and use today’s interviews as a political weapon against President Trump and those who support him. “The statement states. Rebecca Kaplan contributed to this report.

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