King Charles III declares Canadian sovereignty at Rideau Hall ceremony

Ottawa — King Charles III was declared Canada’s new head of state at an accession ceremony in Ottawa attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Governor Mary Simon.

Prime Minister Trudeau arrived with his youngest son Hadrian around 10 a.m. local time to lay wreaths at a makeshift memorial for Prince Charles and Princess Elizabeth II outside Rideau Hall.

He and members of the Federal Cabinet and the Privy Council met before the ceremony as part of the protocol required to formally declare a new sovereignty.

The prime minister asked, “Can we proceed with the declaration of accession?” After Simon said yes, the two signed the Board Order and Declaration of Accession at the same table used by Queen Elizabeth II during her first official visit to Canada in October 1957. .

After a moment of silence, the crowd applauded as Charles III was proclaimed King of Canada.

The induction ceremony at Rideau Hall comes as the federal government prepares for a series of events to commemorate the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday.

Officials are waiting for public confirmation of when the Queen’s state funeral will take place in London before announcing the date of a national memorial service for the Queen of Canada.

The protocol calls for ten days of mourning after the Queen’s death, but actual funeral rules are less stringent.

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