Knife attack on German train injured several people

On August 23, 2021, an employee of Deutsche Bahn (DB), a German railway operator, stands next to the ICE high-speed train at a major railway station in Munich, southern Germany. (Christof Stache / AFP via Getty Images)

Police said police said a man was arrested after several people were injured in a knife attack on an express train between the cities of Regensburg and Nuremberg in southern Germany on Saturday.

A spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police said, “There was an attack on the Intercity-Express (ICE) train, and police arrested a man shortly afterwards, injuring several.”

The online version of the daily build previously stated that three people were injured on the train.

According to a police spokesman, there was no evidence of a large number of other attackers.

According to police, the attack occurred in the Neumarkt district around 0800 GMT, and the train stopped in Zoebersdorf, southeast of Regensburg.

By Vera Eckert