Knife crime in London gets worse, charities warn after 14-year-old death

A composite image of the 2021 London murder victims issued by the Metropolitan Police on November 19, 2021. (Top, left to right) Anas Mezenner, 17, Hani Solomon, 18, Drekwon Patterson, 16, Tai Jordan O’Donnell, 19, Ahmed Beker, 19, Camron Smith, 16, Damarie Omare Roye, 16. (2nd line, left to right) Mazaza Owusu-Mensah, 18, Hussain Chaudhry, 18, Levi Ernest-Morrison, 17, Fares Maatou, 14 Abubakkar Jah, 18 years old, Tamim Ian Habimana, 15 years old, Hazrat Wali, 18 years old (3rd row, left to right) Daniel Laskos, 16 years old, Denardo Samuels-Brooks, 17 years old, Jalan Woods-Bell, 15 years old, Keane Flynn-Harling, 16 years old, Kamran Khalid, 18 years old, Taylor Cox, 19 years old .. (PA / Metropolitan Police Department)

According to charity, knife crime in London will become more and more deadly and worse.

On Thursday, a 14-year-old boy became the 27th victim of a teenage murder city this year.

The capital is approaching a harsh record of teenage murders 12 months after 29 casualties died in 2008.

Twenty-seven boys were victims of teenage killings, 23 of whom were stabbed to death, according to a PA news agency.

Ben Kinsella Trust’s Patrick Green, CEO of the Anti-Knife Crime Charity, said that PA news agency’s knife crime is “an ongoing problem” and “deteriorated when it comes to the seriousness of the crime.” Statistics show that it is more deadly. Young teens are becoming victims. “

In February, the Metropolitan Police Department warned that London could reach a record number of teenage murders in 2021 after several boys had already died in a knife crime.

Commander Alex Murray, commander of the unit against violent crimes, said at the time:

After the murder of a 14-year-old boy in Croydon on Thursday, Ben Kinsella Trust said more needs to be done to protect the youth.

Green described the boy’s death as “painful,” adding that the victims were the latest in a line of young teenagers killed in puncture wounds.

He states: “It goes against the logic and distrust that this can happen to teens so young. The problem is getting worse and it is of great concern to parents and adolescents.”

Trust was founded in 2008. That same year, a teenage murder in London reached a record high after the death of 16-year-old Benkinsella, who was stabbed in Islington.

Mr Green said he needed to take a “systematic approach” to handle crime with a knife, adding: We can talk about gangsters, drugs, school exclusions, and the absence of a father, but there are several reasons why knife crime can be as high as that … it can result in several factors. Of these issues, we are not going to solve this one. “

Mr Green added that violence reduction units are set up nationwide, but their projects are usually funded for only one year at a time.

“The concept is really good,” he said. “But if you want to tackle something like this systematically, it needs to be like a ring-fenced decade of funding. You need a sustainable approach, not just a kneeling reaction. . “

Earlier this year, Hawa Haragakiza, whose 15-year-old son Tamim Ian Habimana was stabbed in Woolwich in July, said he would not stop the campaign against the knife crime.

She states: Parents should do more. The police should do more. The government should do more.

“No parents should be afraid of their children going out. But it’s not just in London, but all over the country. All parents need to do what they can to stop it. But not just parents, We all have to get together and do something. “

Epoch Times Photo
A dateless handout of 15-year-old Tamim Ian Habimana, who died in a single puncture wound on July 8, 2021. (Distribution / PA)

In response to Thursday’s murder, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “We continue to be harsh on crime and continue to be harsh on the complex causes of crime.”

He added: “I am traumatized by the number of teenage murders in our city and country. All deaths as a result of violence are tragic, and my idea is family, friends who have lost their loved ones. , In the community.

“I will continue to help police control crime and provide record funding for more police officers on the streets, but we can never stop how to get out of the problem. That’s why we strive to stop violence before it occurs by dealing with complex and root causes such as poverty, inequality and lack of opportunity. “

According to Kahn, the London Violence Reduction Unit is funded by the City Hall and “provides positive opportunities for young Londoners and programs to support them through education, training and employment.

He added: “We also work closely with community groups to provide the tools and resources needed to support young Londoners. London because a single organization or service cannot solve this. We know that involving everyone inside is more important than ever. “