Knife-wielding patient arrested at BC hospital after staff hid in ward: police

Vancouver police say an investigation is underway after a patient allegedly armed with a knife pursued a doctor at BC Women’s Hospital and attempted to access a locked nursery where staff hid to protect themselves. says.

Sergeant Steve Addison says he’s heard chilling 911 calls from staff and social workers terrified of unstable women whose children are also hospital patients.

He says police subdued a woman in her 30s with a beanbag in an area of ​​the hospital because of her at-risk children and a mother dealing with a “personal struggle.”

Addison said being hit with a beanbag gun was like being hit with a major league fastball, and the woman was treated at the hospital for minor lower body injuries.

He said she was arrested, and charges could include possession of a knife, assault, and violating probation.

Addison says the incident occurred after the hospital restricted access to women’s children and discussed the possibility of involving the Department of Children’s Affairs.

“There was an imminent threat to people on the floor, babies, hospital staff, other patients and parents. Our officers acted quickly and decisively,” he said.

“Obviously it was very traumatic for everyone who was there, for those who took refuge there, for those who were running scared, for those who were calling for help.”

BC Women’s Hospital did not immediately respond to requests for further details about what happened Thursday.

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