Korean-American Republican Candidates Based on Anti-Chinese Remarks

Candidates for the Korean-American Congress in Texas are facing opposition to making anti-Chinese immigrant statements at last week’s forum. Republican Serry Kim answered a question about the US immigration crisis about the potential for immigrants from China. “I don’t want them here at all.”“They steal our intellectual property, give us the coronavirus, and not hold ourselves accountable.” The candidate said in a forum organized by two Republican groups in Texas’ 6th Parliamentary District. She added, “Frankly, I’m Korean, so I can say that.”

Kim’s comment immediately sparked a backlash at her own party.In a joint statement on Friday, California Legislatures Young Kim and Michelle Steele, who are also Korean-Americans, withdrew their support and called for her remarks. “unacceptable.”“As the first Korean-American Republican women to serve in Congress, we want to empower and lift fellow members of the community (Asian-American and Pacific Islands) who want to serve their community. I am. “ They said. “We talked to Serry Kim yesterday about her harmful and untrue comments about Chinese immigrants and revealed that her comments were unacceptable.” Both officials are on Kim as anti-Asia incidents increase nationwide “Apologize and clarify her remarks” – But the candidate is in her position. “She hasn’t publicly expressed regret, and her words were contrary to what we represent.” They said. “We cannot continue to support her candidacy conscientiously. We will continue to support and speak for the AAPI community.”

Kim’s remarks reflect the rhetoric of former President Donald Trump, who was the deputy administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration. CNN.. Parliamentary candidates are vying to replace the seat of former lawmaker Ron Wright, who died in February after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Kim issued a statement on Friday clarifying her comments, stating that they were directed to the Chinese government rather than Asian Americans. “To counter the hatred of Asian Americans, the liberal media targets me, Asians and immigrants to portray me as anti-Asians and anti-immigrants just to oppose the oppressive Chinese Communist Party. I was shocked at what I was doing. “ She said.

At least one Democratic candidate has also criticized Kim’s comment, Texas Tribune.. In a tweet on Thursday, Lydia Bean said such statements were aimed at people like her Chinese-American husband and their 10-month-old son. “This kind of speech puts their lives at risk, no matter who they come from.” beans I have written.. “It’s a racist, not who we are in Texas.”

Kim Submission A $ 10 million proceeding against the Texas Tribune for defamation on Monday. Apart from her anti-Chinese position, parliamentary candidates also argued that anti-Asian violence had not worsened since last year. “The biggest difference right now is that people are filming it-and the media has chosen to report it.” she said Dallas Morning News.. “Asians have always faced violence. It’s not worse than it used to be.” Feature image screenshot Seri Kim

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