Korean woman may die with suitcase

South Korean police say they believe the bodies may be relatives of the two children who died. Found in suitcase in New Zealand Last week is probably South Korea.

According to immigration records, the unidentified woman, in her 40s, arrived in South Korea in 2018, but there are no records of her leaving the country since then, said Park Seung-hoon, an official with the Seoul National Police Agency.

Park said South Korean police forwarded the information to New Zealand police after receiving a request to cooperate with the investigation. However, South Korean police currently do not have the power to trace the whereabouts of the woman or detain her, who may be linked to crimes that took place in New Zealand.

According to Park, it will be difficult for South Korean police to track her down unless New Zealand officially demands her extradition.

This woman was born in South Korea and then moved to New Zealand where she obtained her citizenship. According to Park, her past address in New Zealand was registered in the storage unit where the suitcase was kept for years, so New Zealand police suspected the woman could be the mother of the deceased children. I doubt that.

The children’s remains were found last week in suitcases purchased by a New Zealand family from an online auction containing abandoned items. The suitcase had been stored for at least three to four years.