Koreans are so stressed that they are giving out cash just to sit in the room and stare at the universe vaguely.

Chairs are spaced apart in Green Lab, a coffee shop for people who don't want to do anything.

Green Lab, a cafe near Seoul Forest, a natural hotspot in Seoul, provides a completely quiet space where no one can talk and your phone needs to be in silent mode. Corresponds to people who want to book a time frame that does nothing.Green Lab / Facebook

  • Some Koreans are very stressed and pay to book a cafe time frame to sit down and do nothing.

  • These spaces are available in Seoul and are quickly snapped by people trying to escape from others.

  • The phone should switch silently and refrain from talking in that space.

Some Koreans are very stressed and they are forking cash to visit an indoor space where they can free up space and do nothing.

The trend of rapid growth was reported by Michelle Reis in The Washington Post, Examined the space in Seoul where people are paying to go zone out. However, Seoul citizens are choosing indoor chill zones instead of going great outdoors.

At Green Lab, a cafe near the forest of Seoul, which is a natural hotspot, you can book a time frame in the quiet space of the cafe.

Facing the lush greenery of the Seoul Forest, guests should refrain from speaking in silent mode.

“It’s very difficult to find a place in Korean society where you can never do anything,” Bae Hyun Sung, a Green Lab employee, told Post. “People seem to be more interested in this, but I think it will take a little longer for it to become widespread.”

Another place in Seoul is to stay away from people and empty the minds of all thoughts. Cinemas perform special functions to cater to those who want a peaceful and non-stimulating experience. According to The Post, Seoul’s Megabox cinema will get a $ 6 ticket this month “Flight,” A movie that is a simulation of a 40-minute flight. Promoted with the tagline “Please take a break in the fluffy clouds,” this movie is a sequel to another zone-out worthy movie. “Fire Mung” This is a 31 minute video of a crackling fire.

South Korea is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, Where increasing debt and the harsh reality of affordable homes are at the expense of themEspecially among millennials in Seoul. Korea Herald Recently, the results of a survey of 1,016 Koreans were reported. 70% admit that they are stressed. In the same survey, 46.5% of poll respondents in their 20s reported a decline.

With this demand for chill-out space, niche places to stay seated are emerging outside of Seoul. Jeju Island Cafe Goyose We provide a reserved space for people to get my time. Similarly, Man hit, Located on South Korea’s coastal Ganghwado, the cafe designates a quiet area where guests can relax and relax.

Ji Ok-jung, Mung Hit’s manager, told The Post that the idea of ​​”beating Mung” simply means emptying the mind and mind to create room for new ideas.

“It’s a place where people can heal themselves. It’s only you can do for you, not someone else for you. We’re all tired of the demands of modern life. I wanted to promote it for the people of the post, “Ji told the post.

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