Koreans celebrate their founder’s birthday in the midst of economic difficulties

Seoul, South Korea (AP) — Masked North Koreans dance in the square on Thursday to commemorate the country’s founder’s 109th birthday and in Pyongyang amid pandemic horror and financial hardship. I climbed the hill.

April 15th, called “Sun Day”, is the most important holiday in North Korea. Major events like the military parade were not expected this year, as North Korea usually stages them for anniversaries ending in 0 and 5.

Kim Il Sung, a former guerrilla fighter during the Japanese colonial era, founded North Korea in 1948 and still maintains a divine status in North Korea. He was taken over by his son Kim Jong Il after he died in 1994.

After Kim Jong Il died in 2011, his son and current leader, Kim Jong Un, came to power in the country’s second hereditary monarchy.

On Thursday, properly dressed North Koreans visited Mansu Hill in Pyongyang, blooming under the towering statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and bowed. Soldiers in masks salute.

Elsewhere in Pyongyang, women in colorful traditional clothes performed folk dances. Other women passed by a nearby street adorned with a poster stating, “Our comrade and greater leader, Kim Il Sung, is always with us.”

Kim Jong-un is gathering people in the economy suffering from a shortage of imports and a significant decline in trade due to pandemic-related border closures, U.S.-led sanctions and natural disasters last summer, on Thursday. Anniversary is coming.

North Korea claims that there were no cases of COVID-19 being contested by outside experts.

Some experts say North Korea may conduct large-scale missile tests to attract US attention and win concessions in future negotiations. President Joe Biden is expected to complete a comprehensive North Korean policy review of his administration shortly.

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