Koreans do not accept apology for assault on Belgian ambassador’s Chinese wife clerk

The Belgian ambassador to Korea apologized for his wife’s assault on an assistant at a clothing store in Seoul on April 22, after CCTV footage spread on social media.

Peter Lescouhier’s Chinese wife, Xiang Xueqiu, slapped a female clerk. Her colleague suspected that Xiang had shoplifted when she left the store.

Lescouhier said Xiang is currently in the hospital due to a sudden stroke and she will cooperate with the police investigation into the case as soon as possible.

“The Belgian ambassador is deeply regretful of his wife’s incident on April 9 and wants to apologize on her behalf,” said the Belgian embassy. Said in a statement Posted on that website and Facebook.

“No matter what the situation, her reaction is unacceptable.”

The day before the announcement of the apology statement, South Korean police confirmed that they had received the complaint and were preparing to investigate Sho.

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called on the Belgian embassy on the same day (April 21) to take appropriate measures based on further police investigations, according to Reuters.

CCTV footage of the attack became a hot topic on South Korean social media, offending many Koreans, and Sho demanded that the victims apologize directly.

This video shows Sho trying on various clothes at a clothing store, such as trying on white trousers without taking off his shoes. This alone made many Koreans sick.

She stayed in the store for about an hour and then left without purchasing. The clothes she wore resembled the items in the store, so a female assistant kicked her out of the store. The assistant checked Sho’s clothes and offered to apologize when he noticed that Sho was wearing his clothes.

Sho chased the assistant back to the store, pointing his finger and yelling at her. Another female employee tried to intervene, but Sho pushed her out of the way and suddenly slapped her face. The employee’s cheeks were red and swollen, prompting the shopkeeper to call the police.

Police confirmed Sho’s identity as the ambassador’s wife, but police did not detain her because the diplomat’s family was exempt. Sho left the store without apologizing to the clerk.

“I didn’t know who the woman was when she was beaten, but she was confident and didn’t feel sorry,” the South Korean media said.

The Korean people did not accept the Belgian ambassador’s apology on behalf of his wife. Many left comments under the embassy’s Facebook post asking why Xiang has the strength to beat others, but couldn’t apologize for her actions.

Epoch Times Photo
The Korean people did not accept the Belgian ambassador’s apology on behalf of his wife. Many expressed their anger by leaving comments under the embassy’s Facebook post. (Screenshot from Facebook)

Others suspect that Sho is trying to avoid police investigations by claiming he is hospitalized. This means that he looked very healthy when he hit the clerk.

Some called on President Moon Jae-in to expel the Belgian ambassador, while others went to the Belgian embassy in Seoul to protest and demand the return of the Belgian ambassador.

A Korean also searched Sho’s personal profile and found that she was born in Beijing and is now 63 years old. Xiang worked for a Chinese diplomatic agency and met Reskuhier in Beijing.

Chinese netizens commented on the incident under a Chinese news program, linking Sho’s actions with Kong Linlin, a female reporter at China’s national media CGTN. Kong slapped British Conservatives and activists during a public debate over Hong Kong.

“They are the same type of people. They are arrogant and accustomed to ignoring the rules, which is why they behave like” abnormal people “in other countries,” the netizens write.

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