Kosovo becomes second female leader, new president

Pristina, Kosovo (AP) — Kosovo lawmakers were elected and pledged to be the new president on Sunday for a five-year term, the second female leader in the post-war Balkans.

The 120-seat parliament, convened during the two-day extraordinary session, cast 71 votes for former Speaker Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu in the third round of voting, but 11 were invalid.

Two opposition parties and a Serbian minority boycotted the vote.

In November, 38-year-old Osmanisa Drew was temporarily replaced by former guerrilla leader Hashimsachi during the war of independence from Serbia in Kosovo in the late 1990s. Based in The Hague.

After the war, Kosovo’s seventh president and second woman, Osmanisa Drew, was backed by the left-wing self-determination movement (Vetevendosje!), Which won the early elections in the Kosovo landslide on February 14. The party currently holds three top posts: president, speaker, and prime minister.

Osmani-Sadriu was the highest voter in the election.

As president, she will hold ceremonial positions primarily as head of state. However, she also holds a leading position in foreign policy and is a military commander.

Albin Kurti’s government has stated that the main goal is not high, but resuming normalization negotiations with former war enemy Serbia is a priority on her list.

Kosovo became independent in 2008 after NATO intervened in 1999 to prevent the bloody crackdown on the riots of Albanian independent fighters by then-Serbian influential Slovdan Milosevic. It is recognized in more than 100 countries, but not in Serbian and Serbian allies such as Russia and China.