Kraken amends Gulbauer collective bargaining agreement after CBA breach


The Seattle Kraken expansion amended the contract with goalkeeper Philippe Grubauer after the NHL rejected the first contract for violating the collective bargaining agreement, said a person with relocation knowledge.

The person spoke to the Associated Press on Sunday’s anonymity, as the team did not announce changes, including moving $ 250,000 from 2023-24 to 2022-23 to meet CBA requirements.

Grubauer counts $ 5.9 million for salary caps through a six-year contract of $ 35.4 million. It was necessary to move some money after the rules were changed many years ago to prevent the team from moving the contract forward. According to Marc Bergevin, General Manager of the Canadians, the NHL has a cap collection method to retroactively punish the team for these contracts. — Retire early.

Grubauer’s deal appears to be a minor miscalculation, unlike the first contract with Ilyakovalchuk, New Jersey, 11 years ago, which was rejected in an attempt to avoid the cap.