Kremlin responds to Biden suggesting Russia’s regime change

The Kremlin ignored President Joe Biden’s remarks, which clearly hinted at Russia’s regime change.

“It’s not Biden’s decision. The Russian president is elected by the Russians,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters on Saturday.

Earlier that day, Biden suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be dismissed during his speech in Warsaw, Poland, before finishing his visit to Eastern Europe.

“Because of God, this man cannot maintain power,” he said.

Warsaw Biden
President Joe Biden will give a speech on March 26, 2022 at the Royal Palace in Warsaw, Poland. (Omar Marquez / Getty Images)

Biden met with Ukrainian officials, refugees and Polish President Andrzej Duda during his visit.

He assembled a war with Russia in Ukraine, which is being fought by Ukraine as part of the war between democracy and dictatorship, but is backed by weapons from allies, including the United States.

He said it would be a “long battle”.

White House officials recalled Biden’s fierce remarks on Putin shortly after his speech.

“The president’s allegation was that Putin was not allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or regions. He was not discussing Putin’s power or the change of power in Russia,” officials said.

This is not the first time White House officials have denied support for Russia’s regime change.

“We do not insist on killing foreign leaders or changing powers. Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) mentioned Putin to someone in Russia. After asking him to take this guy out, White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters on March 6.

Aftermath of Mariupol
Aftermath of air strikes on March 19, 2022 in the Mariupol Drama Theater in Ukraine and its surrounding areas. (Satellite image © 2022 Maxar Technologies via AP)

Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, which was described by the Russian government as a “special military operation.”

As of March 25, the United Nations said that 1,081 civilians had been killed in Ukraine due to Russian military action, and about 3.8 million had fled Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Biden launched a fierce attack on Putin, who recently named Putin a “war criminal,” “butcher,” and “dictator.”

The Kremlin warned on Saturday that Biden’s “personal insult” against Putin would undermine relations between Washington and Moscow.

“Still, state leaders should keep their temperament,” Peskoff told Russian state media. TASS Biden tells PutinButcher.. “

“And of course, every time such a personal insult narrows the window of our bilateral opportunity under the present. [Biden] management. We need to be aware of this, “Peskov added.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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