Kremlin welcomes Elon Musk’s proposal for reconciliation with Ukraine previously rejected by Kyiv

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Russian man goes a long way to escape mobilization

Story: President Vladimir Putin’s military call-up to the Ukraine war has prompted tens of thousands of Russian men to flee the country, often taking the circuitous route. Kirill Ponomarev is from Voronezh, near Ukraine, and has arrived in Yerevan, Armenia. This 24-year-old journalist was already scheduled to leave and had tickets for six days. The day after Putin’s speech, he decided it was too risky to wait. It took him a week on his journey of over 6,000 miles by car, train and plane. It’s the first time I’ve seen so many men on this train, where are you going?” Everyone said they were going to see relatives, grandmothers and girlfriends. Visa-free Russians became a refuge Especially for members of Russia’s urban middle class who were able to move quickly and had the resources to escape. ?” “What are you doing there?” “How long are you going to stay there?” “Do you have a return ticket? When are you coming back?” I had to leave my friends, loved ones, basically everyone in Russia,” Russia said. Already, more than 200,000 people have been drafted into the country’s armed forces since President Vladimir Putin ordered partial mobilization two weeks before him. Reports of men with no military experience or men past military age receiving call-up papers have surfaced, rekindling dormant anger. – and ban – anti-war demonstrations.