Kristi Noem governs her state with unusual humility and common sense


Keystone, South Dakota — NSFor the size of this town in the valleys of the Black Hills, only his small footprint is three square miles, a few miles below the climb to Mount Rushmore.

Like most snow-free days, last week you could sit outdoors, dine in restaurants and pubs, shop at local shops, and bottled water at the last stop before your final destination. It was full of people hoarding water.

Most Keystone people were heading to either Mount Rushmore within 3 miles or the Sturgis Bike Rally within an hour, where South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had just joined.

Nome told me in an interview with the Washington Examiner that most of them were excited to do both. “Attendance at a rally can be very motivated,” she said. “I think the participants are all very united in that they recognize the importance of freedom and personal responsibility, and a long tradition with those who really love our country. Participating in and participating in is an encouraging and unified experience for them. “

As the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ended last Thursday, the South Dakota Department of Transportation estimates that 423,273 motorcyclists attended the annual event in the midst of a pandemic, nearly 13% more than last year. Did.

Last year it was much smaller than usual due to a pandemic, according to Nome. “I think they feel very much about regaining the country in a way that connects people, not what is often seen on television attacking each other,” she said.

Prior to the event, Nome attended a rally that began on August 6th and ended on August 15th. Anthony Fauci said the country is in the midst of a public health crisis and is “extremely concerned” that outdoor events will cause a surge. For COVID-19. For example, he made similar comments about the Lollapalooza Festival event, which took place in Chicago a few days before the Sturges rally, with well over 385,000 people, many of whom use public transport for concerts. I didn’t.

Nome said that the assumption she said that there is an assumption among people like Fauci that everyone attending Sturges is an unvaccinated and uneducated Doruto is going in the wrong direction. Told. She said the crowd of Sturges was full of business owners, suburban moms, doctors, lawyers, and doctors of all sizes, shapes and colors, and ordinary working people.

Gnome too Criticized on Twitter A few days after she appeared at the event (and a few days before Kabul collapsed), Iceman raised the American flag at a rally because she was “non-serious, self-destructive, and falsely patriotic.” I put it on a horse. Most critics were unaware that the gnome rode an iceman in Deadwood as part of a fundraiser to benefit trafficking victims.

“There was an artist who painted portraits of my horse, Iceman, and myself in Buffalo Roundup. He allowed me to auction in favor of Treasured Lives, a non-profit trafficking organization I supported. So they wanted me to ride my horse, Iceman, down the main street and take the American flag to the stage, and I got there. When they were there, they auctioned the painting. “

The painting auction raised $ 55,000, after which the American flag was auctioned for an additional $ 25,000. “Then I rode my bike to Legend Ride, a big tradition in Sturges,” she said.

In South Dakota, various license plates show a wide range of America, from Sioux Falls, Wall, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, and Sturgis, from Alaska to Maine, Louisiana, and everywhere. Was there. Between. They were on vacation with the waves of the prairie giving way to the spectacular Black Hills Mountains.

“When we were riding, the bike in front of me had a certified accountant from California. The bike behind me was a doctor who thought he was an orthopedist. These are professionals who love each other’s connections. I love the lifestyle and friendship of being outdoors and spending time together. “

Nome said that for many, coming here is their detoxification from everyday life and the severity of stress.

The criticism from Bluecheck Twitter is likely to come from two things: support for former President Donald Trump and her decision not to close one business in a single day due to a pandemic, she said. say. “We didn’t even define what the essential business was. I really believed that I didn’t have the authority to tell the business that they weren’t essential.”

What many despised as stupidity at the time can probably be better explained as a practice of humility.

Nome, who lost his father in a tragic agricultural accident, pointed out that he and his mother shaped an approach to governance. “I was raised by a cowboy dad and a mom who is passionate about our family business and her family,” she said. How you can be proud and sleep at night. “

“It wasn’t the conversation at our house that was popular,” she continued. So I think politicians, that is, civil servants who are bound by politics and look back, want a job rather than doing the right thing. And that really hurt this country. “

Noem said current concerns about her members include rising inflation and rising gas prices (if you live in a vast state, you need a few gallons of gas to move from point A to point B). It could be), and said it included a shortage of people to fill the job, undermining the survival of SMEs.

“For us, our number one industry is agriculture. The second is tourism,” she said. We were able to sell our products anywhere in the country. “

“Less than 2,500 people receive unemployment benefits across the state,” she added with pride. “That is, all of our employees are working. Currently, the fastest growing economy in the country is 9.9%. That is, many businesses that have transitioned to this state are expanding here. You need to come to and recruit people to fill those positions. “

“So, for us, we have some growth pains. But also when we wake up every day and think about how to avoid the federal government and take care of ourselves. I think many states are waiting for federal relief, “she said.

Regarding her decision to send the National Guard to the two border states, she said it was not difficult to do. “The governors of Texas and Arizona turned to the surrounding governors to help secure the southern border when the federal government did not,” she said. It is my National Guard who has been trained and experienced for that role. They do it every time they are deployed, whether in the state or to another country, and are trained for the very type of situation they are dealing with at the southern border. increase. They are accustomed to going to missions, completing them, and then going home. “

Nome said he first activated the National Guard for 30 days to handle and intervene in the operations being carried out by Texas National Guard and law enforcement and border guards, and to be part of it. “I recently decided to extend it for another 30 days and replace some of those guards,” she said. “We had more volunteers who wanted to go. I gave them the opportunity to do so. We will continue to work as hard as we can.”

Union-recognized Governor of the 39th or 40th State (President Benjamin Harrison shuffles before signing state documents so no one knows which Dakota was the first state ), Said her National Guard is in the area of ​​the southern border, which is the most violent one that speaks of their expertise. “It’s the most dangerous area where many drug traffickings and many traffickings are happening,” she said.

Nome said most of the Midwestern narcotics cross the southern border. “Much of that traffic comes through Native American settlements in South Dakota and is then distributed there because those settlements have no jurisdiction,” she said. In South Dakota, it certainly helps our state, rather than allowing them to come to the Midwest and influence our families and communities. “

But her favorite conversation about South Dakota is its natural beauty.

“I think people didn’t really realize until we talked about us in last year’s national media campaign. How wonderful our lifestyle is, and tourism is a very beautiful state,” we have. There is diversity, “she said. “Obviously, one of our great attractions is Mount Rushmore. But beyond that, people can come here for days and enjoy different kinds of experiences that will never be forgotten. I can.”

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