Kristi Noem’s statement that the pipe is not infrastructure summarizes her party’s confused reaction to Biden’s plans.

CPAC's Kristi Noem
  • South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem told Fox News that pipes and housing do not count as infrastructure.

  • Her comments summarize the Republican message that infrastructure means only roads and bridges.

  • Biden’s plan insists on broadly rethinking what constitutes infrastructure, and Republicans don’t want it.

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President Joe Biden Presentation The first part of his $ 4 trillion infrastructure package on Wednesday, and almost immediately, many Republicans put forward a bill to allocate money to measures not specifically related to physical infrastructure, such as climate change and research initiatives. I criticized it.

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem was one of them, but she provided an unorthodox definition of physical infrastructure, one that does not include pipes.

so interview On Thursday, Nome discussed the president’s infrastructure bill with Fox News’ Sean Hanity, and as the interview progressed, she elaborated on the definition of infrastructure and said she wasn’t eligible for housing.

“I was shocked at how much it wasn’t in the infrastructure,” Nome said. “It goes into research and development, going to housing and pipes, various initiatives, green energy, and it’s not really an honest conversation we’re talking about what this proposal is.”

Immediately after the interview aired, Twitter critics especially emphasized the “pipe” comment, and the left-hand media numbers were particularly critical. For example, MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan said Noem “revealed that he didn’t know what the infrastructure was.”

Criticism of Nome’s bill seems to have been most striking on the Republican side, but her party was unified in an attempt to label the bill as a democratic “Trojan horse” and turned things other than infrastructure into infrastructure plans. I sneaked in.

so Wednesday statementSenate minority leader Mitch McConnell could have compared “Trojan horses” and Biden could have drafted a “serious and targeted infrastructure plan” that could have received bipartisan support. But “infrastructure,” which the White House has decided to label as “the latest liberal wishlist,” is a huge opportunity the administration has missed. The next day, McConnell had a bill Can’t get Republican support, At least not in the Senate.

With McConnell House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy I trotting important statistics to emphasize this point. Like 6%, less than 6% of Biden’s proposals are dedicated to roads and bridges.

The truth is that the content of the plan, other than that 6%, is likely to be related to infrastructure, not an understanding of infrastructure in the 20th century. McConnell’s statement emphasizes that Biden “will spend more on electric vehicles than on American roads, bridges, ports, airports and waterways combined.”

However White House fact sheet What was announced on Wednesday before Biden announced the plan was that it was time to rethink the infrastructure. The 1936 Local Electrification Act states that it is time to do the same for broadband Internet and electric vehicles, with federal investment to power almost every household in the United States. Republicans say they don’t want to rethink that.

Some Republican voters seem to accept it.Insider Juliana’s Plan report On Friday, Republican and Democratic infrastructure definitions are primarily Political polarization of the region, But still, Morning Consult / Politico Voting In particular, it has shown a considerable level of support among Republican voters for funding low-income housing.

But regardless of the consistency of Republican rhetoric on Biden’s infrastructure plans, comments help explain the likely legislative consequences: the Republican vote for it is zero.This trillion-dollar plan could be the same as Biden’s plan $ 1.9 trillion stimulus, I didn’t get a single vote in the House of Representatives or the Senate.

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