Kuwait’s death toll increases to four due to oil refinery fire

Dubai-Kuwait National Petroleum Company, United Arab Emirates, said in a statement Wednesday that the death toll from a fire at a major oil refinery in Kuwait increased to four after two seriously injured workers were injured. Stated.

A fire on January 14 during maintenance work at the Mina Al-Ahmaddy Oil Refinery first killed two Asian workers, the bodies of which were found on-site, and the other five dangerous. It was put in a state.

Two of the seriously injured workers died in hospitals during treatment, killing four, according to a state-owned company.

The company’s CEO said such an incident was “very painful for us,” but “very likely in a complex industry,” and issued a statement in the days following the fire. ..

Kuwait’s oil minister Mohammad Al-Farres and other executives of a state-owned oil company visited the refinery shortly after the fire. They saw a member of the fire brigade hitting a fist standing in front of the blast scene for a photo shared by the Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s Twitter account.

The fire at the site was the second in a month. A small fire broke out last week on another petrochemical line operated by the company, but no one was reported injured in the fire.

The Mina Al Ahmaddy Refinery was built to process 25,000 barrels of oil per day, primarily to supply gasoline and diesel to Kuwait’s domestic market. The facility was recently expanded to reduce emissions and increase capacity to 346,000 barrels per day.

Kuwait, a country with a population of 4.1 million, is known for its sixth largest oil reserves in the world.

Associated Press