Kwame Brown slams Dwyane Wade into Xaya’s Kobe Bryant dress: “Rudeness”

Wednesday celebrates the second anniversary of the Los Angeles Lakers star’s death

Former NBA player Kwame Brown Giving a side eye to Kobe Bryant Tribute-Post Dwyane Wade A transgender daughter in a dress.

Wednesday marks the second anniversary of the death of the Los Angeles Lakers star. Fans, friends, and former teammates turned to social media to pay homage to the NBA legend.

14 years old Zaya Wade On Wednesday, I shared a photo of my # 8 jersey dress on Instagram with the caption “Always remember Kobe and Janna and pay homage to them.”

Dwyane Wade Kwame Brown

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Brown, who played for the Lakers from 2005 to 2008, was stunned by what he considered “rude” to Brian and his legacy.and Video shared on his YouTube channel, He aimed at Dwayne to “make your woman dominate your home,” Brown said, seemingly referring to Wade’s wife, actress. Gabrielle Union, Zaya’s stepmother.

In his post, Brown said that Brian represents masculinity and heterosexuality, and that what he says is the opposite of Zaya’s post.

Wade and Union previously opened for support for Xayah’s Trans Journey. theGrio report. About the 2020 episode of Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook Watch series, Peace of mind with Taraji, Union responded to the backlash against Zayah as a woman on social media, saying “Peace in Xayah is indisputable.”

“As Zaya gathered more languages, she was able to tell us about her identity. She was able to tell us about her sexuality. She told us,” I Is a transformer. ” And she says, “I’ve come out a few times.”

In a YouTube video, Brown said, “I haven’t said anything against gays, but Kobe is heterosexual. Why is he honored for dressing his jersey? Would you like to wear his jersey that day to honor him without a piece of dress? “

He added, “Let’s not show our black brothers in this light. This is not offensive to anyone else. This man was a heterosexual man with a wife and family. There is no reason for this to lead to Kobe Bryant. “

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant’s chest hits Lamar Odom as Kwame Brown (# 54) chases the Lakers game. (Getty Images)

Brian, his 13-year-old daughter Janna and seven others were killed on January 26, 2020, when a helicopter crashed in misty weather on the way to a women’s basketball tournament. Federal safety authorities blame the accident pilot error.

Brian’s widow, Vanessa BryantLearned about their death on social media — hours before she received official confirmation from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. theGrio report.

In November, the judge ruled that Vanessa did not need to undergo a psychiatric examination to prove that she suffered mental distress from leaking photos of her husband’s and daughter’s deadly helicopter crash.

The judge dismissed Los Angeles County’s request that the four mothers have to undergo a psychiatric examination as part of a proceeding against the county over photography. Man..

The county’s motion to dismiss the proceedings was also dismissed. CNN report. The trial is set for February 22nd.

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