Kyle Rittenhouse tears lawyer over $ 2 million bail

Photo Illustrations / Photo Getty Images by Thomas Levinson

Photo Illustrations / Photo Getty Images by Thomas Levinson

Kyle Rittenhouse The well-known murder trial ended on Friday AcquittalHowever, the court battle over the fate of his $ 2 million bail has just begun.

Shortly after a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, found Rittenhaus acquitted, his defense team applied to a teen in Illinois to receive the bail collected on his behalf.However, a non-profit organization led by controversial defamation lawyers and QAnon conspiracy theorists. Lynnwood He also filed a petition for money.

“We’ll be fighting for it,” Rittenhouse lawyer Mark Richards said after the verdict.

The first funding was raised after the Rittenhouse bail was set at a staggering $ 2 million in November 2020. Judgment A large amount of potential rulings and potential supporters of Rittenhouse meant he could be at risk of flight, from court officials. Conservative celebrities like Wood have taken action to raise enough money to get Rittenhouse out of prison prior to trial.

The controversy over bail is focused on who deserves the money now that the Rittenhouse is free.The Fightback Foundation, run by Wood, claims it deserves bail because it has raised a lot of money, including the original $ 150,000 loan. Silver spoon Child actor Ricky Schroder. Wood claims he personally guaranteed the loan. So if that’s true, he’ll be on the hook to repay it.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Wood claimed that his Foundation was legitimately borrowing money. Wood further claims that his group spent $ 700,000 on Rittenhouse’s attorneys’ fees and other costs, with the exception of $ 2 million on bail.

“The bail must be fully returned to FightBack,” he said.

In an interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson on Monday night after his first verdict, Rittenhouse was torn by both Wood and another former Rittenhouse lawyer, John Pierce, who “used” both men. Was done. “

According to Rittenhouse, Pierce convinced him that it was “not a good idea” to go home immediately, and he told teenagers that he was “safer in prison” than his family. In addition, Wood and Pierce both said they weren’t releasing him, but simply “trying to raise money so that they could receive it for their own benefit.”

The 18-year-old also claimed that he could have been released on public debt as early as mid-September, but lawyers at the time deliberately until November 20 to continue to bring in funds from donors. I wanted to detain him.

Not only did Rittenhaus blow up Protrump’s lawyer for trying to profit from his name, but he also claimed that Pierce was “apparently false” in the “unorganized militia.” Blame. Rittenhaus claimed he didn’t even know what the militia was until he was rescued, and later realized that it was Pierce who “painted the story.”

Pierce also took up the task from a former client because he had no clue about the Rittenhouse, which was handed over to Kenosha City Prison from the Illinois Juvenile Training School in late October. “I always wanted to hand over, but it wasn’t a problem, but he forgot to apply for a stay and didn’t even know I was going,” Rittenhaus told Carlson. “So my lawyer didn’t know I was going to jail. It was pretty sick because he should have known.”

Wood told The Daily Beast, “Someone gave Kyle the wrong information for some reason,” in response to a claim made at Carlson’s Golden Time show on Monday.

“I’m not!”: Trump lawyer Lin Wood is really angry Rittenhouse lawyers call him a “fool” on TV

Pierce did not immediately return a request for comment on the Rittenhouse interview.

Prior to an interview with Rittenhouse, Wood insisted that his group spend a large sum of money to keep teens out of jail.

“In addition to paying $ 2 million in bail, Fightback paid about $ 700,000 in legal and legal fees,” Wood said on Monday.

The total amount of bail, including $ 500,000 donated by Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy Rittenhaus, was passed to court by Rittenhouse’s lawyer Pierce at the time. Rittenhouse fired Pierce from the legal team in February, but Pierce holds a bail receipt and is likely to be sent directly to him.

Earrings Faced with a lot of his own debtAnd recently, it was in the news as a dependable lawyer for the January 6th riot defendant. Temporarily disappeared Under mysterious circumstances. However, Pierce claims he doesn’t want some of the Rittenhouse money. In a court filing on November 8, Pierce asked a federal court in Texas to decide who should receive the money before using the receipt to take it out of court in Wisconsin. Mr Pierce said he was concerned that if he took out the money before the legal dispute was settled, he could face a proceeding from one of the feuding parties.

“I have no idea who should get the bail back,” Pierce told The Daily Beast by email.

But Wood sticks to what he says is a tenacious relationship between piercings and the truth.

“John Pierce told us that we need to deliver the money directly or send it to his trust account, and he will give [the court] “Certified check,” Wood told The Daily Beast. “Then, a few months later, when John Pierce paid the bail, it turned out that the bail was supposed to be returned at his home address, and that’s not true, so we Asked Pierce to provide the release. “

Following the verdict, Richards has repeatedly condemned the treatment of Pierce and Wood’s case. In an interview with CNN on Friday, Richards said Pierce and Wood were “trying to prostitute this kid for money for their own purposes.”

“They were collecting a lot of money for him,” Richards said.

Richards added that Wood was a “fool” and predicted that Wood would sue him for criticism. Unless a lawyer withdrew his claim that Wood was a fool, the statement certainly urged Wood to send an email threatening to sue him to Richards. So far, Richards hasn’t stepped back from insult.

In an interview with CNN on Monday night, Richards asserted, “Because it’s true, I won’t withdraw what I said.”

Formerly a well-known defamation lawyer, Wood has recently adopted conspiracy theories like QAnon. In late December he Claim without evidence Its Chief Justice John Roberts is involved in the murderous pedophile Cabal.

In addition to bail proceedings, Wood faces many other legal issues, including embargoes and fraud allegations in Georgia. Proceedings Pitching Wood against his former partner in a battle over a share of the settlement from representing Covington Catholic student Nick Sandman. In August, a federal judge in Michigan introduced Wood and other lawyers involved in a failed proceeding in the 2020 elections for potential disciplinary action from state courts.

March, companies linked to Wood Was sued The contractor did the work done at Wood’s own South Carolina plantation. The contractor claimed that Wood’s company never paid for the construction of a plantation known as “Tomotley.”

“We obeyed the law,” Wood said. “Others may want to make money from Kyle, [but] It’s not a fightback. “

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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