Kyle Rittenhouse was recorded weeks before Kenosha’s shooting, saying “I wish I had my f — ing AR” to shoot people leaving CVS, prosecutors say.


  • A prosecutor in Kenosha, Wisconsin, asked the judge to accept the new video as evidence against Kyle Rittenhouse.

  • The video is allegedly showing that Rittenhaus wants to shoot people leaving the pharmacy.

  • Prosecutors said the video shows Rittenhaus a few weeks before shooting two men.

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The prosecution said last year’s deadly Kenosha shooting Kyle Rittenhouse, Illinois Teenager Explain his desire to shoot people leaving the pharmacy with the AR-15.

According to court documents obtained by the insider, the prosecutor is asking the judge to approve the video as evidence of Rittenhouse’s next trial. They claim that the video provides “significant insights” into the mental state of the Rittenhouse in the summer of 2020.

29 seconds video being Published by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The face of Rittenhouse is not displayed. This video seems to have been shot across from the CVS pharmacy. There, some hooded figures were seen rushing while clasping the item.

You will hear a voice like the Rittenhouse. “Bro, I wish I had my f — ing AR. I want to start shooting at them.”

It is unknown who shot the video, exactly where it was shot, and how the prosecutor got it. Rittenhouse lawyers did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

18-year-old Rittenhaus was charged with murdering 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum 26-year-old Anthony Hoover, And in a fierce racial justice protest in Kenosha on August 25, 2020, seriously injured 26-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz. His trial begins on November 1st.

Prosecutors shot and killed a man as a vigilant, claiming that Rittenhaus was “hunting humans” that night. Rittenhaus claimed that all three were chasing him, and he fired in self-defense.

The prosecution was in motion on August 18, and a new video shot just 15 days before the shooting of Kenosha was based on Rittenhaus’s “seen something, jumping to a conclusion based on the fact of zero.” He threatened to kill someone on the basis of no assumptions. ” Wrong interpretation. “

The prosecution added that Rittenhouse didn’t know the people outside the CVS or what they were doing, just looking at them from a car parked across the street and not interacting with the people involved.

“This video proves that the defendant is willing to use deadly force in a completely unjustified situation,” the motion said.

“This video also shows that the defendant eagerly tried to insert himself as a vigilant armed in a situation that had nothing to do with him,” the prosecutor continued.

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