Kyle Rittenhouse was ridiculed by Hollywood after shedding tears on the stand: “Terrible f — ing actor”

Hollywood is voicing at a video show Kyle Rittenhouse Weeping in court while witnessing in his murder trial.

On Wednesday, an 18-year-old boy broke down at a circuit court stand in Kenosha, Wisconsin, talking about a shooting incident in August 2020 that killed two people and injured one at Black Lives Matter last year. protest..

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer. It’s over.” Actress Rosanna Arquette I wrote on Twitter, Actor Dave Bautista says “F–k that girl!”

In a video of the Rittenhouse crying hysterically, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James told the Rittenhouse “What’s the tears?”

LEBRON JAMES MOCKS KYLE RITTEN HOUSE Court Breakdown:’What’s tearing? Knock off “

“I didn’t see it,” James added. “The man knocks it off! The boy ate some lemon heads before entering the courtroom.”

Rittenhaus has been charged with two attempted murders and one attempted murder, recklessly endangering the illegal possession of safe and dangerous weapons by persons under the age of 18.

When he and at least one friend said he had traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin to provide medical assistance after protecting a local business and looting and firing a two-night business, he 17 I was old.

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Who are the key players?

Others in Tinseltown have also expressed a reaction to the Rittenhouse exhibition. His lawyer repeatedly claimed that the client was acting for self-defense, stating that he fired a semi-automatic rifle because he was chased or faced with a gun. ..

“This is what the first take of the crying scene looks like. Weeks of anxiety to push tears and you’re empty,” said actor Kevin Zegers. Tweeted.

Kyle Rittenhouse confronts his defense: LiveUpdate

“Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi I have written: “It’s time to redefine the meaning of America being a’promising youth’. In a tweet that was subsequently deleted, “The Godfather of Harlem” star Vincent D’Onofrio said, “Personally, you are, but some inexperienced actors.”

Actor George Takei accuses Kinosha County Circat of presidency, Judge Bruce Schroeder, As “sorrowful” Warn the prosecutor of the question Towards the Ritten House.

“If you want to know that justice is often privileged, look at the judge in the Rittenhouse case,” said Star Trek performer. I have written.. “Sure, it’s a sad example.”

Judge Rittenhaus is torn to prosecution for aggressive tongue rushing over cross-examination

Brian Guest, a comedian on Schroeder’s cell phone that rang during the trial, tweeted, “All you need to know. What do you mean?” Greenwood’s song “I’m an American.” I’m proud of you. “

If the prosecutor intentionally causes a mistrial, the prosecutor may be barred from retrying the Rittenhouse: Expert

Kyle Rittenhouse faces life imprisonment if convicted of the highest offense.

Andrew Mark Miller of Fox News contributed to this report