Kyle Rittenhouse will run a random draw to seat 7 females and 5 men for the jury

Kyle Rittenhouse randomly picked seven women and five men on Tuesday to decide whether he should be responsible for shooting down two men during a social justice protest in Wisconsin last year.

The Kenosha jury was selected from a pool of 18 people who sat down after two weeks of testimony and debate in a controversial case that attracted public attention. About gun rights And race.

Rittenhouse himself randomly pulled six jury numbers from the tumbler, resulting in 12 people deciding his fate.

A nearby Defendant in Antioch, Illinois, reached for a brown tumbler and pulled out six sheets of paper, one at a time. Each had a number corresponding to a jury candidate.

The Rittenhouse carefully placed the pieces of paper on the defensive table before court officials collected them and showed them to the prosecutor.

All but one jury looked white, and one man was clearly colored.

When the jury was dispatched for deliberation, Judge Bruce Schroeder told lawyers on both sides to stay within 10 minutes of the court in case the panel had questions that needed to be discussed. ..

Mr Schroeder later told reporters that he would give all parties about an hour’s notice between the jury’s verdict and the loud reading of those findings in court.

The judge also said he would not set a time to end on a particular day when deliberation was needed. During the trial, testimony usually ended around 5 pm most days.

Rittenhaus was 17 years old on August 25, 2020, when he joined another armed volunteer who was protecting Kenosha’s private property during a social justice protest following police. Black Jacob Blake shooting..

Rittenhaus shot dead two men and seriously injured one-third in a conflict claiming to be self-defense.

The 18-year-old Rittenhaus Accused of intentional murder Anthony Hoover’s murder, 26 years old, and a reckless murder Joseph Rosenbaum, 36.

He was also charged with a deliberate attempted murder Taken by Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, Paramedic on the outskirts of Milwaukee. Grosskreutz went to protest that night to provide medical assistance and had a Glock pistol when Rittenhouse shot him at close range.

Rittenhouse also faces two counts: recklessly endangering safety. He tried to shoot and kill an unknown person known as a “flying kick man” in court. He tried to kick the accused’s face. Prosecutors said Rittenhaus may have injured another man when he fired at Rosenbaum.