LA authorities announce arrest for smash and grab robbery

Los Angeles (AP) —Thursday Los Angeles officials said 12 people in a recent smash and grab theft at a store where $ 340,000 worth of goods were stolen, part of a surge in retail crime organized in California. Announced the above arrest.

According to police chief Michel Moore, 14 people were arrested in connection with the robbery of 11 people between November 18 and 28, and all were not detained. He said most were bailed or met the criteria for no bail and one was a boy.

At a joint news conference, Moore and Mayor Eric Garcetti called for the end of a bail ban on some defendants aimed at reducing overcrowding in Los Angeles County prisons during a coronavirus pandemic.

With the mitigation of the pandemic, Garsetti said it was time to re-lock up for criminals who committed violence and endangered clerk.

“We need the help of the criminal justice system, judges and prison officers,” Garsetti said. “We’ve opened up much of the city because we’re in a better place with COVID. We should be able to open prisons as well and hire judges to put people behind those bars. . “

The state-wide policy of imposing $ 0 on bail for misdemeanors and low-level felony ended last year, but it was maintained within the LA County Superior Court system.

At least $ 338,000 of goods were stolen from stores and malls in the city in 10 days, causing $ 40,000 in property damage, Moore said. Investigators are looking for multiple unresolved suspects, he said.

The incident was part of a recent large-scale theft in California and across the country, with groups of individuals shoplifting from stores and breaking display cases. Single operators are becoming more and more of a problem for retailers who say thieves face little impact.

The chief is backed by Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon to help police investigating retail robbery carry out reform agendas and end full bail for misdemeanor, nonviolence and non-serious felony crimes. He said he was confident that he had received it.

Gascon’s office said in a statement Thursday that anyone who committed the smash and grab theft would be held liable.

“Our office works with multiple law enforcement agencies and once all the evidence has been collected, we will consider the case to determine what criminal accusation should be filed,” said Gascon’s Special. Advisor Alex Bastian said in a statement. “These brave acts hurt us all, whether retailers, employees or customers.”

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin last week announced a series of theft charges of felony against nine people, and Bay Area prosecutors announced a joint effort to combat organized retail theft.

In the Bay Area, this week the Walnut Creek city council approved an additional $ 2 million to police after nearly 100 thieves in balaclavas robbed balaclavas at Nordstrom stores in November. .. An estimated $ 125,000 item was stolen.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who is proud of his efforts to reform criminal justice, said on Wednesday that the proposed budget he would send to MPs next month “significantly puts our efforts to chase these retail circles. I promised to increase it. “

Garsetti sought to calm Angelenos, who wants to shop in stores and malls during the holiday season.

“We are acting swiftly to keep this out of track,” he said.


Associated Press reporter Don Thompson contributed from Sacramento, California.