La La Anthony hints that new love is ready in a divorce from Carmelo Anthony

La la anthony Seems to be looking for a new Mr.

The actress and former TV moderator hinted at it in her latest post about celebrating the New Year.Anthony posted Instagram Photo A figure of myself sitting on something that looks like a bathroom counter, wearing a short, silky brown dress. The photo she took looking away from the camera is accompanied by a message about how she spent the New Year and details some of the hopeful demands of 2022.

La La Anthony celebrates the New Year.  (Photo: @ lala / Instagram)

La La Anthony celebrates the New Year. (Photo: @ lala / Instagram)

She writes: “This year we have a slightly different New Year. It’s not always the case to keep things calm, but maybe it was just what we needed, not calm. Everything in our lives. Time to myself and time with me and Kyan just to reflect and appreciate the blessings of. We have written down some goals and signs of 2022, so we support it. More I wish you love, more blessings, health, and above all, a happy and wonderful New Year. I love you. “

But that’s not all she asked for. In the final part of her message, she mentioned her best friend Ciara and the characters on the television show “Insecure” about their love life.She said I saw what you did for Ciara (ie I was around for that

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Anthony Submission For a divorce from her husband for over 10 years, Carmelo Anthony, In June. More than 10 years have passed since they tied the knot, but they have been separated for several years. This was a few years after the NBA player was accused of being unfaithful and accused of having another woman and a child while married to Lara.

“Power” star handle She divorced for the first time at the Angie Martinez Show and was silent about rumors of unfaithfulness, but in most cases still said she was a “hit.” [her] very hard. “She also said she hadn’t seen her get married again.” Marriage, I don’t think I can do it again, “she said. “I mean there are people like who have to come. I don’t see it happen again. But I have what God has prepared for me. I don’t know if it will be done. “

It’s not clear if her way of thinking about marriage has changed since she talked about it, but what’s clear is these current feelings she’s posting about finding love.

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