LA pair say they know a mysterious woman found in Croatia

Croatian police handouts

Croatian police handouts

two Los Angeles Residents believe they have solved the mystery Croatian Jane Do— A woman who finds herself wrapped in a sheet on a rocky island. I spoke perfect English but didn’t know my name.

Nina Smit told The Daily Beast that the wounded woman in the flashing photos around the world this week worked as a craftsman at the company she was in charge of in 2015. HomelessSaid Smit.

The company operated in a warehouse called Second Space in downtown Los Angeles. The landlord, Tyler Madsen, allowed women to live there without rent. Ireland get off Skid Row..

“I immediately recognized the woman in the picture,” Smit told The Daily Beast on Tuesday night. “The second time I saw her picture, I sent it to Tyler to confirm that it was her. He confirmed it.”

Madsen told The Daily Beast that he was confident that the woman was his former tenant and hadn’t seen him since he left for Ireland in July 2015.

“100 percent — there’s no doubt that it’s her,” he said.

Mr Smit said he called the Croatian police when he saw the photo on Monday and said the police had contacted an embassy with a family from a Slovak woman. She said on Tuesday police reported to her that the embassy had confirmed the identity of the woman’s relatives.

The Daily Beast has not disclosed its name as it was not possible to contact Croatian and Slovak officials immediately for confirmation. However, the pictures circulated by the women’s police match the pictures of women that Smit and Madsen know and affectionately remember.

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“”[She] I encountered difficult times and bad luck. But she’s a really good worker, smart and has a great heart, “Smit said.

“Tyler and I are worried about her well-being and hope that the embassy has confirmed her identity and can help her family know what happened to her.”

Madsen, the owner of the warehouse where Jane Doe lived and worked, added: She was diligent and always trying to save money. I think she was going to Ireland. She had friends there and decided to save and go to the people. “

The woman was found on September 12 by a couple fishing on the island of Krk, Croatia.

“We saw her nervously walking up and down, and when she saw us, she cried and began waving,” her husband told Sata24. “We approached the shore to see what was happening. She was covered with a white sheet, but maybe she found a tarpaulin or something and tried to keep it warm. Hmm.”

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The couple sought help, and rescue teams had to use off-road vehicles and hike more than two miles to reach the woman.

A Croatian police officer suspected the Daily Beast earlier this week that the woman could be East European based on the clothes she wore, but she spoke English with the “Queen’s English” accent. Did.

The question of the woman’s identity may have been answered, but authorities have said why and how she arrived on Krk, or how she survived in an area full of animal predators. I still don’t know if it was.

She became severely dehydrated, weakened, and had blood scabs from deep scratches on her face, but did not have the leg cuts expected of anyone arriving on the island across the rocky coastline. ..

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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