LA woman brutally raped by man released from police custody hours earlier

A Torrance, Calif., woman was brutally beaten and raped in July by a man who was arrested just hours before the assault for allegedly possessing a weapon but was soon released from custody.

Marissa Young, 46, said to Daily Breeze She fought for her life at night in an abandoned Torrance park for nearly half an hour after her suspect, Darrell Dean Waters of Los Angeles, repeatedly punched her in the face and eventually forced her to perform oral sex.

Waters, 46, was arrested hours earlier for misdemeanor possession of a “dagger or dagger” and was released without posting bail because it was unclear whether the Torrance or Los Angeles district attorney would charge the perpetrators with a misdemeanor. He was released soon after, a spokesman for the former police station confirmed.

Waters beat Young so severely that her two front teeth popped out and she stepped away from where the attack occurred. It has been. At one point, Young screamed for her help, and Waters allegedly made fun of her by saying, “Nobody’s gonna pick you up, right?”

Eric Siddall, a spokesman for the union representing the Los Angeles County prosecutor, said: Daily Breeze It was unfair to hold them accountable.

“The California Constitution requires courts to consider public safety when setting bail,” Siddhar said. ‚ÄúRecently, this requirement has been watered down by courts, Congress, and some prosecutors.

According to Siddall, less than 1% of “pretrial county jail inmates” are incarcerated for misdemeanors.

But this answer does not satisfy Young. “If he had been in prison, what happened to me wouldn’t have happened,” she said. “I could have been killed.”

George Gascon of the Los Angeles DA also had this to say about the incident: The victim in this case showed incredible courage. Without her tremendous will, this horrifying attack might have ended even more tragically.

Throughout 2022, the City of Angels witnessed high levels of violent crime. It ended with murder. 35 percent 2 years.Compared to his predecessor, Gascon’s tenure has been less charge He was charged with sexual assault, murder and shooting.

The gascon is liberal DA The cities of San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York have taken a soft stance on crime and violence.

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