Labor “Shell Shock” by By-Blection Loss


According to Jodi McKay, the leader of the opposition party in New South Wales, workers were “terrible” in the “terrible” results of the by-elections in New South Wales, where the primary right-wing Liberal People’s Party government maintained marginal seats. I was shocked. “

McKay told reporters on Sunday that he was “overwhelmed” by the results of the Upper Hunter. Upper Hunter is a coal mine area.

“We didn’t expect the result to be that way,” she said. “I didn’t expect our vote to go nonpartisan. I didn’t expect our vote to be torn apart.”

Labor confirmed its defeat on Sunday, and both McKay and ALP candidate Jeff Drayton congratulated the public’s responders.

McKay acknowledged that her party needed to “really search for a real soul” to understand why it wasn’t sympathizing with voters.

No one in her party room has asked her to resign or challenge her role. She said blaming the party’s leadership was a police officer and would not address the basic structural problems facing the Labor Party.

McKay urged the party to focus on issues that are important to people working in western Sydney and elsewhere, rather than “minority issues.”

She states that she has implemented the changes since the 2019 poll. However, the results of the by-elections show that the party has not made the progress she envisioned.

“The policy is good. I don’t know why it doesn’t connect,” she said.

National candidate Daivd Layzell claimed about 30 percent of his first preference, out of more than 41,000 votes counted at 2:00 pm on Sunday.

Drayton was followed by 21%, followed by One Nation and Shooters, Fischer’s and Farmers Party candidates at 12%.

This represents a major shift against opponents who won 28.6% of their first preference in the 2019 state elections.

“Yesterday’s results, especially those in the singleton, are a warning to workers that the community cannot be taken for granted,” Drayton, a coal miner and union official, said in a statement. ..

“The working-class community has been hurt and they are looking away from this government, but so far they are not looking at labor as an answer.

“Workers need to do a true soul quest on how we can regain these communities.”

New South Wales Nationalist leader John Barilaro said on Sunday that the result was a Labor prosecution.

He accused them of pretending to be for mining and agriculture but not voting accordingly.

He said the problem was not McKay’s leadership.

“She’s just a jockey and her horse is broken,” he told Sky News. “They have to start modifying their policies … they just can’t find their way home because they’re actually forgetting about the important people.”

He warned workers on the campaign trail that the mine was the heart of the hunter. “After all, when it comes to job numbers and employees, SMEs survive significantly in the mining industry, both directly and indirectly.”

Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian said elections could go in either direction, as the government has traditionally failed in by-elections. The Nationals have held seats for the past 90 years, albeit slightly.

By-elections were triggered when MP Michael Johnson resigned from parliamentary allegations of seeking sex and revealing that he was under police investigation for sexual assault.

The final number of votes is unknown for a few days and mail ballots will be returned by Wednesday.

Hannah Ryan