Lack of details from Canada and US on spy balloons, UFOs do not inspire confidence


my goodness. There seem to be more balloons than birthday parties in North America, but they keep popping like they’re made in China. .

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau said, “We will keep people informed.” And, as I pointed out, ‘continue’ is pointing out that his poker player pointed out to the Prime Minister and his colleagues that they clearly didn’t do what they should have done and they didn’t know how to do it. is to “tell”

Worse, his full text reads, “This is NORAD SOMETHING Canada and the United States are taking it very seriously and will continue to keep you informed. So now, as the de facto head of our executive branch, he knows no better. But do we?

Did they even tell me a week ago that these things exist? Before answering the call and shooting it down off the East Coast, if the State Department had told someone there was a massive espionage operation going on by the Chinese Communist Party,40+ countries Across five continents? ”

Of course, the public and media should be vigilant. Because governments tend to hide potentially embarrassing information, they risk imposing a “top secret” menu on the “yes, minister” principle. , so no one knows what you’re doing wrong. ” like no active air force I must beg my neighbors to shoot it down over the Yukon.Or very comfortable with a tyrannical regime Investigate that election interference.

China’s Politburo is accustomed to imposing coercive lies, so it was really upsetting to be confronted with a spy antenna that appeared to be a weather balloon. blamed the americans of the “indiscriminate use of force” to blow it up. And every effort to combat Chinese espionageInclusive, Diverse and Culturally SensitiveYou’ll probably agree, but all I could think of was using missiles drawn like chopsticks. But now the secret is out and tact is history.

The New York Times on February 8 said: Hunter Biden’s deal with China, coughed“American intelligence agencies have assessed that China’s spy balloon program is part of a global surveillance operation designed to gather information on the military capabilities of nations around the world.” The U.S. military has known for “years” and told dozens of other nations.

To be fair, The Washington Post said one day ago“U.S. officials began briefing allies and partners who were similarly targeted.” So they just told them, Licensed The six “Chinese entities” that make up the parts of the spy balloon. embarrassment of having This “domain recognition gap” has been revealed. Despite Kipling’s “long names to things don’t get any better,” when bureaucrats say they “failed to do their job of monitoring threats,” someone might ask why. I’m worried that

The Pentagon also spied on the balloon, preemptively claiming it was there all along, hiding anything important. But when they hinted at a fleet of “made in China” airships cruising around us, and we independently discovered, “What happened to Zeppelin?”

or whatever they are.After US Cheers a little Over Alaska, senior National Security Council official ‘confirmed’ or “We’re calling this an object because that’s the best description we have right now.” And what’s the worst? The reason is, “I don’t know who owns it, whether it’s state owned, corporate owned or privately owned.” (As The Wall Street Journal complained, the $850 billion .) And Trudeau tweeted about the “briefing,” so it was news for him too.

It was news when American F-22s shot down three planes over the Yukon in one week to Australia. and Trudeau tweeted Like Patton, Pentagon spokesman ‘ordered removal of unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace’ gently corrected himafter chatting with Trudeau, told Top Gun that “President Biden allowed US fighter jets.”

Another was destroyed on the Michigan side of Lake Huron on 12 February. what was that? obvious. “We call them objects, and for a reason.” the general said I am running NORAD. So that’s what dragged the “domain recognition gap” into the heartland.

If they had previously confessed to these UFOs, they might have had to find out what it was, or tell us frankly why they didn’t know. Maybe. Instead, it suddenly exploded around them and us. There is no way to stay safe.

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