Land Rover hearse, Royal Marines bearer, route around Windsor Castle

St. George's Chapel Windsor & # xa0; -Tim Graham & # xa0;

St George’s Chapel Windsor-Tim Graham

The casket of Prince Edinburgh is carried on the grounds of Windsor Castle in a modified Land Rover that he himself designed for the occasion.

The· The funeral will take place next Saturday 3 pm, after a short line Prince of Wales Senior members of the royal family follow the casket on foot as it is taken to the St. George’s Chapel.

The queen does not participate in the procession.

It’s a royal funeral like no other, the royal family Covid-19 guidelines By wearing a mask throughout the ceremony and maintaining social distance.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace confirmed that, according to the Duke’s intention, it was not a state event, but a royal funeral in line with the 2002 Queen’s funeral.

His Majesty gave the plan final approval. It “very reflects the Duke’s personal wishes.” Died peacefully at home At Windsor Castle on Friday morning.

However, due to strict coronavirus guidelines, the scale of the event has been significantly reduced, so there is no public procession and no public access.

Only 30 mourners, expected to include the Queen, the Duke’s children, grandchildren, and his private secretary, will attend.

The funeral will take place entirely on the grounds of Windsor Castle.It comes after the palace Discouraged Wellwishers from gathering Outside the royal family to lay flowers.

A spokesperson for the palace said: Recognize the life of the Duke Over 70 years of service to the Queen, Great Britain and the Commonwealth. “

Duke is currently resting in a private chapel at Windsor Castle.

Next Saturday, the casket will be moved by a small ceremonial procession from the state entrance to the St. George’s Chapel, beginning with a national silent prayer.

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2:40 pm

The casket comes out of the state entrance for everyone in the procession and square to pay compliments.

The bearer party, drawn from a special relationship between the Duke and the Royal Marines, regiments, corps, and airbases, places the Duke’s casket in a specially modified Land Rover hearse and withdraws.

Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh in a special vehicle of Royal Land Rover in 1959.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edinburgh in a special vehicle of the Royal Land Rover in 1959

2:45 pm

The procession, led by the British Guards Infantry, where Duke Edinburgh was Colonel for 42 years, descends from the state entrance, followed by a party of Major Generals and a small group of service chiefs representing all branches. An army that reflects the close relationship between the Duke and all areas of defense.

Members of the royal family (except the Queen) walk behind the Duke’s casket, drive slowly on Land Rover, and adjoin the Bearer Party.

Members of the Duke’s family, including his private secretary Brigadier General Archie Miller Bakewell, his royal guardian, page 2 and two attendants, lift the back of the procession.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have joined the Clarence House with their immediate family members, Prince of Wales (L), Princess Anne (above C), Duke of York (TopL), and Count Wessex (TopR). -Tim Graham & # xa0; / Getty

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have joined the Clarence House with their immediate relatives Prince of Wales (L), Princess Anne (above C), Duke of York (TopL), and Count Wessex (TopR)-Tim Graham / Getty.

The procession passes through the engine court, chapel hill, parade ground, and horseshoe corridor.

Representatives of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Highlands Regiment, Royal Regiment of the 4th Battalion of Scotland, Royal Air Force, Royal Bodyguards, and Knights of the Windsor Army will line up on the route, and the Windsor Castle Guard will appear in the parade. ground.

Placed on the square lawn is a representative detachment drawn from the Duke’s special military affairs. This includes the Royal Gurkha Rifle, the Queen’s Light Cavalry, and the Cadet Force, and the squares are lined with cavalry and regiments.

Minute guns are fired by the Royal Horse Artillery from East Lawn during the procession. Meanwhile, the Carfew Tower Bell at the western end of Windsor Castle in the Bell Tower of St. George University also collects tolls. ..


The procession arrives at West Steppe.

The rifles honor and band guards receive the casket as the national anthem enters the Horseshoe Corridor and ends when Land Rover stops at the St. George’s Chapel. The Horseshoe Corridor will be staffed by federal defense advisors from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago.

A detachment of the Royal Cavalry will be unloaded at West Steppe, and a Royal Navy plumbing corps with one private first class and five ratings will be stationed on the south side.

When Land Rover stands still at the foot of the West Steppe, the plumbing team pipes a “still image.” This is a call to Boatsung, traditionally used on naval vessels to pass commands to the crew.

This time another bearer party founded by the Royal Marines lifts the casket, climbs the west stairs and stops at the second landing.

The piping party then pipes the “side”, another traditional ritual call that takes place on the Boatson pipe when a prominent visitor arrives at a Royal Navy warship.

3 pm

The casket pauses for a minute of silence.

At the top of West Steppe, Dean of Windsor, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Rev. Justin Welby receive the casket.

Everyone in the procession will not enter the St. George’s Chapel, except for members of the royal family and the Duke’s secretary, following government guidance limiting the funeral congregation to 30 people. Clergy are excluded.

When the door to the St. George’s Chapel closes, the Royal Navy’s plumbing team pipes the traditional boatswain call “carry-on,” which was used after the still, to bring the crew back to work.

The three piped calls give a clear voyage atmosphere to the entrance to the casket, in line with the wishes of the former Honorary Admiral of the fleet mentioned in the dispatch during World War II.

It was Duke’s “great interest in design” that prompted him to help design the modified Land Rover that he wanted to have a casket. Second, support vehicles are also on site.

“Prince Edinburgh was involved in the design of these vehicles many years ago,” said a senior palace official.

As a Ranger in Windsor Great Park, Duke was often seen driving the Land Rover grounds. In January 2019, he then made a lucky escape Turn one over near his Sandlingham EstateFrom there he was able to leave unharmed, but shocked and shivering. He gave up driving shortly thereafter.

The Duke’s casket, along with a wreath, a Navy hat and sword, is covered by his personal standards.

His insignia, medals and decorations awarded by British and federal nations, Marshal Field’s baton and Royal Air Force wings, and Danish and Greek insignia are placed on the cushions of the chapel altar.

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten resumes attendance at Royal Navy officers. A school in King Smooth, Hawthorne, Wiltshire.  & # Xa0; -Halton Royals Collection & # xa0;

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten will resume attendance at the Royal Navy Executive Candidate School in King Smooth, Hawthorne, Wiltshire. -Halton Royals Collection

Land Rover was “most of the original plan” approved by the Duke. Prior to the pandemic, his casket could have traveled 23 miles by car from Wellington Arch near Hyde Park Corner to Windsor.

The ceremony not only pays homage to the Queen, Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations for over 70 years, but also celebrates the amazing achievements of his Duke.

A spokesperson for the palace said: A remarkable life, both in terms of his great contributions and his lasting heritage. “

They added: “Many of you have already pointed out the Queen’s own explanation of Her Highness as her” strength and stay. “

“In his life, he was a decorated veteran of World War II, Science, engineering design and art..His dedication to the military, support for the Commonwealth, promotion of outward trust, the World Wildlife Fund, and Duke of Edinburgh Award.. You can see why his influence is so much greater than many would imagine the role of a spouse.

“Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic needed to make significant adaptations to the original arrangements for his Highness’s funeral.

“But I am convinced that this opportunity deserves to say goodbye to His Highness and demonstrates his important duty and service to the State and the Commonwealth.”

After the funeral, the Duke is housed in a royal vault under St. George’s Church.

The royal family urged the public not to travel to Windsor or other palaces in order to pay homage.

The palace spokesman will air the ceremony so that as many people as possible can “take this opportunity, mourn with us, and celebrate a truly wonderful life.”

The Queen approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that there be a period of public mourning from Friday to Saturday, April 17, the day of the funeral.

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A senior palace official said it was also His Majesty’s wish for the royal family to observe a two-week royal memorial starting on Friday.

This is observed by members of the royal family and their families, as well as the military engaged in ceremonial missions.

During this period, members of the royal family said they would “continue their engagement on a case-by-case basis” and wear mourning clothes as needed.

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