Landing on another at a Swedish concert hall, dying when two fall

Copenhagen, Denmark-Police said two men died and another landed after jumping and falling from the seventh floor of the Swedish Cultural Center.

Police said an 80-year-old man who collided with the lobby of the Uppsala concert and congress venue on Tuesday night died on the scene in northern Stockholm, and the 60-year-old man he attacked later died.

According to police, a woman with a 60-year-old man was injured, but her injury was not considered life-threatening.

According to Swedish media, a tribute concert to two male members of ABBA, Bjorn Urbaeus and Benny Andeson, was scheduled for Tuesday night at the Cultural Center, but the event was cancelled.

ABBA wrote on Wednesday that it has postponed the release of the band’s promotional concert trailer until Thursday in the light of “tragic news at a tribute concert in Sweden last night.”

In September, Swedish superstars announced that the “Dancing Queen” quartet would release new music for the first time in 40 years, along with a fully digitized concert performance. The next album, “Voyage,” released on November 5, is a sequel to the 1981 “The Visitors,” which was previously a Swedish group swan song. And the virtual version of the band will start a series of concerts in London on May 27th.

The Uppsala Cultural Center hosts concerts and other conferences in an eight-story building with a mirrored fa├žade and angled metal plates reminiscent of crystals. The venue’s website said it would be closed from Wednesday to Friday due to the dead.

“We are all shocked by the tragic accident, and our thoughts are directed at the deceased, their relatives, and their families,” said the message on the website.

Police said there was no reason to suspect cheating on the 80-year-old descendants from the 7th floor.

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