Landlords legally challenge the Biden administration’s new eviction moratorium


A group of landlords and real estate companies filed a legal challenge in the DC District Court Wednesday night against the Biden administration’s new country expulsion moratorium.

News promotion: An urgent motion from the National Association of Realtors Members of Alabama and Georgia claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s order was issued on Tuesday. Except for eviction Most of the United States by October 3 is beyond the power of the CDC, according to a statement from National Association of Realtors..

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  • Group quoted June Supreme Court decision It refused to overwrite the previous extension until July 31st.

  • In a statement, the National Association of Real Estate Agents said that about half of all homeowners are “mom and pop operators,” and if they don’t have rental income, “they can pay their own bills or keep their property.” I can’t do that either. “

  • If successful, this challenge could put millions of people at risk of delinquent rent or becoming homeless during a pandemic. Delta variant Furious in many parts of the United States

Big picture: NS Biden administration allowed The former eviction moratorium has expired and has urged Congress to take action, stating that it has no legal authority to extend the ban.

  • However, the administration changed course under pressure from the Democratic Party — especially progressives, including Congressman Cori Bush (D-Mo). Protested the stairs Of the US Capitol.

Note: The new order should temporarily suspend peasant evictions in counties with high COVID-19 cases and cover areas where 90% of the US population lives. AP note..

  • A group of landlords and realtors allege in their filings that the CDC has extended the moratorium in the “absence of enforcement law”. Washington post..

Flashback: In the Supreme Court’s ruling, Judge John Roberts and Judge Brett Kavanaugh joined the court’s three liberal judges by leaving the CDC’s former moratorium intact.

  • Kavanaugh agreed that the CDC had gone beyond the authority to establish a moratorium, but said the extension would allow the government to “additionally and more orderly distribution of the rental support fund allocated to Congress.”

What they are saying: White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that President Biden, who holds a law degree, would not have supported the proceedings if he was not satisfied with the legality of the matter. For each AP..

  • “This is a narrow, targeted moratorium that is different from the national moratorium. It’s not an extension of that,” she said.

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