Landslide kills 20 people after monsoon rain in Mumbai, India

On July 18, 2021, rescue teams seek survivors after the walls collapsed in several houses in a monsoon-heavy slum in the Mahul region of Mumbai, India. (Rajanish Kakade / AP Photo)

At least 20 people were killed in a landslide caused by a monsoon heavy rain in the Indian city of Mumbai, New Delhi, officials said Sunday.

India’s National Disaster Response Force said 17 people were killed and two were injured after the walls of several slum homes in the city’s Mahr area collapsed earlier on Sunday. The injured were recovering at the hospital.

In another incident, three people were killed in the Vikhroli district of Mumbai late Saturday night after half a dozen huts at the foot of the hill collapsed on top of each other. Dozens of rescuers were cleaning up the debris in search of at least 15 other people who might have been trapped under the rubble.

Heavy monsoon rains have flooded several parts of Mumbai, India’s financial and entertainment center. Trains in the city are also suspended.

Landslide-induced building collapse is common in India during the monsoon season, when heavy rains weaken the foundations of under-built structures.

Every year from June to September, monsoon rains hit the area. Rain is important for rainwater crops planted during the season, but it often causes enormous damage.

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