Lane Kiffin Buries Jimbo Fisher as Texas A&M Coach Commits Big Sin

cheating I will not excommunicate you From the college coaching community.who in this league honorable gentleman Bending a rule or two?can also work forgive moral infidelity.

The unforgivable sin of college coaching is far worse than that. To publicly criticize or denounce another coach is an attack on the clipboard his wall itself. No entry.

but also Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fischer breaks its ground rules in the offseasonbut he also did so by emerging as the greatest of all time, with an extensive coaching tree.

Are you sure it’s Nick Saban? I’m sure it’s not.

But is it another coach’s position to say so publicly? Most coaches would say no.

Fisher is not most coaches. This proud peacock refuses to bow to the college he football overlords.

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throughout the off-season baseless whisper The Aggies’ number one recruiting class may have been, at least in part, a byproduct of the new rules governing names, images, and likenesses. Naturally, that didn’t sit well with Fisher.

Saban then spoke at a conference in Birmingham in May. While lamenting the impact of the NIL, Saban accused the Aggies of bribing every player on the roster without evidence.

Fisher could have ignored, downplayed, or simply rejected Saban’s claims.

At a press conference that napmed the wall of clipboards, Fisher called Saban a vile narcissist and a false god.

As Omar said in “The Wire,” it’s best not to miss it when you’re in King. Not only did Fisher miss, he tripped and planted his face in his own peacock poop pile.

The Fishers Aggies are 3-5 despite successful recruiting and a pre-season ranking of 6th. And Fisher has become the biggest joke in his profession.

This is usually when the sports media sharpen their scalpel, but Fischer’s pals have joined the fray. Lane Kiffin, master of Ole Miss’s witty humor, is in charge.

Kiffin got stuck in Fisher’s crosshairs in the offseason. After Kiffin implied that the recruiting inducement helped carry A&M’s signature, Fisher fought back and dubbed Kiffin a clown act.

in the meantime Kiffin chose a thorn with a veil Heading into Saturday’s match at Kyle Field, he cleared the ambiguity after the number 12 jersey. Rebels defeat Aggies 31-28.

Kiffin launched the attack during a post-match interview on the SEC Network.

“I mean, rushing for 390 yards against a bunch of five stars is pretty good,” Kiffin said.

SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic asked Kiffin what he would wear for Halloween. Kiffin thought Fisher could help.

“Jimbo might let me dress up as the Joker.” Kiffin quipped.

Kiffin’s verbal haymaker continued at his press conference.

“When someone attacks you personally and calls you and your sidekick Director Saban a clown, you take it personal,” Kiffin said.

Gloves off, Fisher is a punching bag.

Earlier this week, Kiffin tweeted that “Karma” is his favorite song from Taylor Swift’s new album. I understand why.

Fisher, of course, enjoys the last laugh. He is protected by his $87.5 million buyout.

Fischer broke professional rule one, but he didn’t forget rule two.

Brian Hershin knows Auburn isn’t good

Speaking of buyouts, Auburn coach Brian Hershin sounds like a man ready for his pink slip and journey into buyout utopia.

“We’re not good enough. That’s exactly the result.” After Auburn’s 41-27 home loss to Arkansas, Hershin said: He dropped his two-year record with the Tigers to 9-12.

I may not have said it well, but I’ve been saying it since preseason.

Harsin has been poorly recruited. SEC colleagues such as Kiffin, LSU’s Brian Kelly, Florida’s Billy Napier, and South Carolina’s Shane Beamer addressed their needs through transfers, but Harsin lost more than he gained at the portal. . He also failed to keep his coaching staff intact.

Halshin’s investigation of the university, which made headlines last winter, didn’t help the coach, but this tenure had a trail of failures before its court began.

Bottom line: Auburn isn’t good enough, and neither is his coach.

three and out

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2. That’s a testament to Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker making 76% of his passes during the season. Kentucky’s 44-6 loss And by Hooker’s standards, I thought it was an average show. He is Heisman’s frontrunner for his trophy, but that award is won in his November and his December performances. How Hookers fared this week against number one Georgia and their impregnable secondary will be remembered when the votes take place.

3. South Carolina beat Kentucky and Texas A&M in smoke and mirrors, A 23-10 loss to Missouri revealed their offensive limitations.As a result, Missouri’s struggling coach Eliaa Drinkwitz and besieged quarterback Brady Cook were boosted. Among the fanbase calling for a quarterback change, Cook delivered one of his best performances.

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