Lara Trump still makes up most Bonker ideas about Democrats and Thanksgiving

Lara Trump The Democrats want to abolish common traditions like Thanksgiving, so they suggested they “don’t care” about inflation.

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, married to former president’s son Eric Trump, told Fox News Wednesday night that “they have said they want to radically transform America from the beginning.” ..

“Well, how do you do that? You have to turn America inside out. You have to take away our tradition,” she continued.

Trump, who joined the conservative network as a paid contributor in March, did not mention the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, so “they were lucky because they didn’t even want us to get together. I think we will be holding a Thanksgiving Day this year. “

“But really at the heart of this, they want to divide the Americans, they don’t want us to have a common foundation, they don’t want us to have a shared tradition like Thanksgiving. “She insisted.

“There were many places that actually abolished Halloween because we wanted to include people who didn’t celebrate Halloween last month,” Trump said, without showing evidence.

“It’s all about radically transforming the country,” she insisted. “And the way you do that is to make sure we have nothing in common, no American tradition, you start shaving it.”

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